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Andropenis and Modified VacExtender Attachment

Andropenis and Modified VacExtender Attachment

Hi I’m new

Does anyone know which size of Modified VacExtender attachment I should use with my Andropenis gold? I was going to buy the Modified VacExtender 4.1.

It comes in
- 1.4” and 8mm rods
- 1.4” and 9mm rods
- 1.65” and 8mm rods
- 1.65” and 9mm rods

According to the website
Jes Edition - accommodate 8mm rods
Universal Edition - accommodate 9mm to 9.5mm rods.

I’m assuming andropenis is the 9mm universal edition. When I get home I’m going to measure.

Any advice?

Ask the administrator of the site you’re buying from, but in any case I suggest you get the KR extender instead since it’s just as good as the andro or jes and much, much cheaper.

Thanks. I already bought the Andropenis. It’s been working well for 2 months now but I do get some intense glans pain towards the end of the day with the loop and wanted to try a different attachment. I do 6-8 hours a day on the normal schedule.

For future reference I measured the width of the inserts and it looks like its the 8mm one.


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