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And the journey begins.

And the journey begins.

Hey guys. Just thought I’d post and get things started. I’ve known about PE for awhile, tried it a few times but never committed to it for longer than a couple of weeks. This time, however, I’m going to take at least a 4-6 month test run. It’s not that I’m ‘small’ or anything and there’s never been any complaints or even a hint of dissatisfaction from the women I’ve slept with. It’s more of, “I just want it to be a little bigger.”

I started 3 weeks ago. The first two weeks, I used the 2 day rest method. From now on, it’ll look like this:
Sunday - 30 & 45sec Stretch/15min Jelq
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 30 & 30sec Stretch/15min Jelq
Wednesday - 30/45/45sec Stretch
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 30/45sec Stretch/Jelq
Saturday - Rest

I’ll gradually increase Jelqing time each week, as well as increasing the increments of stretch time. Right now, I’m using the basic stretching and jelq exercises and at the end of the month will add 2 of each stretching and jelqing exercises for more variety and to mix and match.

I believe that like with your muscles, the growth happens during recovery, which is why I do not plan on doing 5 day a week routines, unless I am splitting up the stretching and jelqing (much like splitting lifting and cardio). Up to this point, I haven’t had any negative side effects. If anything, it’s been positive. I still wake up almost every morning with good ole MW.. And there’s no tenderness or discoloration at all. Like I said, it’s been 3 weeks, and while I’m waiting one more week for a progress check, it does seem a little bit longer already. Could be a “placebo effect,” but maybe not. I’d like to see some slight progress within the 4 weeks, but I understand that just like with fitness, sometimes the progress can’t be seen right away, even though there are strides being made. I believe this PE program works, I just want to have an idea of what the early experiences have been so that I have a ‘guideline’ so to speak. I’m wondering what other people’s experiences have been in the first, say, 3 months? What kind of gains did you make?

Here are my Day 1 Stats. Feb 2012
EL - 6-3/16”
BP - 7”
EG - 4-1/2”

EL - 7-1/2” or BP - 8”
EG - 5-1/4” to 5-1/2”

Hey man I am at about the same set up as you. Don’t really need it just want a little bigger. Toast to you man!

Correction.. My starting was 6 13/16” (BPEL)
I had it written down, I’m not sure why I thought it was 7.

So last week decided to go to the newbie routine and after reading a success post on a another site, I’m fairly convinced that it’s the way to go. I only got 3 workouts in out of the 4. I also think that I may have been overdoing it a bit the very first 3 weeks, so I’ve decided to sort of pretend the past month didn’t happen and just start again. Fresh.

The success story I read was quite detailed and gave a timeline of gains over a 2 year period and assuming they are true (no reason they shouldn’t be) it’s definitely given me a sense of confidence in PE that I might have been lacking before. He also explained how ‘less is more’ and how patience and persistence, especially early on is THE KEY to the door that is PE.

His gains for the 1 year averaged about 1/3 of an inch, per 3 months, totaling 1 2/5” (1.4) inches. Now, because the number isn’t outrageous leads me to think that it is in fact, true. During his second year he gained another 3/4” (.75) inches. This is all length.. In girth, he gained 9/10” (.9) inches during year one and during year two gained an additional 3/4” (.75) inches.

After reading that story, it dawned on me that any significant change always takes time. You can only do what you can do RIGHT NOW, and over time, the accumulation of that work will equal your gains. This is true of anything you do in your life. Even something short term like making a sandwich. It’s not just there, someone has to take the time to actually make it and the end result is of course, awesome lol.

The routine he followed, is essentially the Newbie Routine with one minor addition. He did basic stretches and the Rotational Stretch where you go 360 degrees. Other than that, it was the Newbie Routine and it was done for a year without any changes. So, I’m gonna go for it and I’ll keep my progress and let everyone know what happens.. Happy PE every one


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