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Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

I am 8x6 BP. For almost all girls I’ve been with, I’ve been their biggest: which has been great. But I notice that a lot of girls feel like they could take more, especially in girth. I want to start PE and be a 9 or 10 x7….simply for the childish reason of ensuring that I will be their biggest and I will push them as far as I can before the pain outdoes the pleasure. I really am addicted to those inital reactions girls make when they see it, and I just want to increase those. There is no doubt that a bigger penis will leave you unforgettable in her mind. Already being above average, is my thinking wrong? Should I just be happy with what I have? And is the rate of growth slower for those who are above average? Just want your thoughts, thanks!


The grass is always greener, isn’t it?

You don’t need to PE; your desire to produce even more exaggerated reactions should be examined to make sure there’s no sadism in it. Because at that size you’ll certainly be hurting some girls… and you may in fact scare away “the right one”, if you believe in such a thing.

The other thing is that a bigger dick alone doesn’t make you a better lover. Ya gotta know what to do with it… I’m sure the ladies here can concur on that one.

well you make a good point about hurting someone: because when you do it, you don’t feel good about it at all….I think a lot of my desire to get bigger comes from the fact that I know my gf’s best orgasm from intercourse came from a huge guy (10x7) who was a lousy lover, but sheer girth made her cum like she hadn’t before. I am obsessed with being every partners best….much more than most guys I believe, and almost always I believe I succeed! But for her I just don’t feel like I’ve gotten her to that level yet….but I am questioning my motives for PE, thats why I am posting here…and I really appreciate your comments, thank you!

rawkstar, I wouldn’t put too much confidence in the whole 10x7 thing. Girls over-estimate incredibly. I know one girl who thought her boyfriend had a 9x6. Her boyfriend just happened to be my cousin, and I knew full well that I was bigger than him at 7x5.

That could have been a case of her just “Bigging him up” to her female friends however. Girls tend to do that a lot.

8x6 is the goal many of us here set for ourselves. You are probably a perfect size already, but you are in a position to know better than I am about that. If you really want to increase you could set your goal limited at first to perhaps 8 1/2 x 6 1/4 and then once you’re there you can determine if you think you need more or not.

beenthere, I think I like your responce the best…I believe 90% of girls could accomidate 8.5 x 6.25 without any problems.

This is the perfect size I would like to get to. You should be happy with what you have, and try to impress girls with your charm, sweetness and personality instead of your dick size. This suggestion also holds true for me. I first of all try to be a nice, understanding and sensual person. I would want the girl to remember me like that, and the dick size should be like the cherry on top of the cream on the cake.

Well rawstar, first of all, I fully understand you want to be bigger,

you re a man, and we all want too…

Nothing wrong with that !

But bigger than 8x6 might really be a problem, just watch what happens once you are growing.

And I dont think, big boys have to be slow gainers, I d think, you have more meat to stretch an jelq, so probably the big ones grow faster.

(life isnt fair, we all know…)


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