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Am I on the right track

Am I on the right track

Last year I tried almost everything.sleeves .weights ,,extenders .bathmate.but not 1 inch.extra

I hate to wear the extender all day, and I am now doing everyday manual stretching for 1 hour and also some Jelqing .

For me I think this working better , I am using the male edge for about 1 hour on his max size.

But to wear something all day .is diffcult

In terms of getting length I suggest to stay away from all machinery and just start with the manual exercises; stretching and jelqing.
You can find some routines here using the search option. As soon as your penis is conditioned enough (let’s say roughly 6 months of manual work),
then it is relatively safe to switch to ADS/pumping/hanging whatever you want.

Also make sure you’ve read all the important threads like sparkyx’s PI thread etc.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by franky25
I tried almost everything.sleeves .weights ,extenders .bathmate. I am now doing everyday manual stretching for 1 hour and also some Jelqing .

You sound like a guy trying to bulk up by running 10 miles every day.

My advise? Take a few weeks off to let your penis heal from all the abuse you have been giving it. During that time educate your self with our PE101 reading list.
START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Then start back up with one of the two n00b routines.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

But do you still can have more lenght if you only do 1 hour on a day.or do you get only more lenght with ads.


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