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Am I on the right track??

Am I on the right track??

Hello everybody !

I am a new kid (38 years) on the block (on this forum). Just started PE with power jelq. Unfortunately, I have impaired glucose tolerance i.e. diabetes but I do not take any medicines. just trying to keep the sugar levels in control by diet and excercise. My question is :- does diabetes affect the PE efforts?

Secondly my LOT is 6, which means I have to strech at 9 and above. Am I right? Am doing a routine of hot wraps, strectching, power jelq, massage and hot wraps totalling almost one hour. Is this sufficient to see some gains in reasonable time limit?

After finishing the PE excercise my penis is heavier and full. Is this an indication that I am doing things right and I am on the right track. Your sincere feedback will help this 5.5 in length and 3.5 in girth to add some more inches both ways.

Looking forward to your guidance guys!



BTW, I love the name…

The first questions about the diabetes is a good one. I’m not qualified in any way to answer it but I would probably advise that you ask it again in the main member forum (if you haven’t already). As I understand it, there are a couple of blokes in there with some medical knowledge that may give you some guidance.

While I’m not sure about your LOT (I’m a newbie too, afterall :) I’m pretty certain that your routine will yield quick results. It seems very intense and after just a week of intense exercise, I have witnessed noticable results on my own unit. Just beware not to overdue it. You don’t want to injure yourself. I have recently just overcome the quite common doughnut effect (quite common) and it was enough to scare me into realizing that it’s easy to go too far. Thankfully it wasn’t permenant damage, so learn from me and be cautious!

I think that a fuller heavier unit is a good indication of progress. I have found that consuming lots of water more or less maintain this pumped level throught the day and not just after one’s workout. The idea of consuming water (waterdowning) for PE is still experimental and is being discussed in the ‘The effects of water’ thread in this forum.

Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Hopefully we’ll triumphantly see each other at the end of the road!

Good luck


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

Thanks a lot for your confidence building reply. I really appreciate that. I wish you all the best in your efforts. Maybe one day we will share the improvements achieved on this forum itself.

Sounds good, try it for a month and see. If it doesn’t give you some gains change it up a little and try again.

As for the diabetes Luvdadus is a doctor. He usually hangs out in this Forum.


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>>My question is :- does diabetes affect the PE efforts?>>

Uncontrolled diabetes could lead to impotence, poor healing, and a tendency to get infections. So yes definitely keep the diabetes under good control.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hi luvdadus,

Your question is a million dollar question. As diabetes relates to blood and our penis, when erect, is full of nothing but blood. But one great improvement I have noticed is that nowadays my erections are very hard. Like the ones I used to have when I was 18. I sincerely hope that with good control on diabetes and regular PE workouts I will be able to enjoy my sex life at least for some more years to come.

Hello Danda,

Is this sufficient to see some gains in reasonable time limit?

Key word here is “reasonable”.

As you will see here from reading many posts and looking at the size data chart, PE is a long term project, some not making gains for the first several months (but some right away).

Just stick with it, follow Questor’s advice and change things around a bit if you’re not seeing gains, but again remember they do not come over night.

Good gaining to you!

You are right and as your name suggests, I am goingforit! No matter how much time it will take. When the ultimate goal is to reach the destination, whats the point in keeping a track of time.

By the way, once Mr. Abraham Lincoln was asked a very interesting question and it was, ‘how long a person’s legs should be?’ and believe me Mr. Lincoln gave the best answer of all the time, which was ” A PERSON’S LEGS SHOULD BE LONG ENOUGH TO REACH THE FLOOR FROM THE WAIST”. I think this applies to all of us but still all of us want a bit extra. :-) )

Good luck to all of you and wish me also.


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