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Am I doing this right

Am I doing this right

I jelq in the shower because I’m in college and don’t have much privacy. Trying to do the wet jelq doesn’t seem to work because I keep pulling skin from my scrotum up to high forcing me to release my grip to much for my next stroke. I’ve started to do something that’s closer to the dry jelq and it seems to be working alright.

My question is, should I feel pressure as I jelq? I know it’s not suppose to hurt, and it doesn’t but I do feel pressure.

Also, for the newbie routine is says 2 on 1 off. Could I change this to 2 on 1 off 2 on 2off? This would fill a 7 day week and make it much easier to keep up on in terms of consistency. Is consistency more important?

Yes, you should feel some pressure.

I don’t know about your routine question, someone else gets the honor to answer to that…

If you feel pain, stop. Just pressure is good becaue you know it’s working.

Also, try using some form of lubricant instead of water if you feel you’re getting too much grip.

Avoid shower gels though, they’ll dry out the skin on the penis and then you WILL feel pain as you PE.

I also find that if the scrotum skin is coming up, before you do the next stroke you can use the other hand to pull it back in a kind of jelq motion, but in reverse.

Hope that was of some help.

Yeah, I’ve tried pulling the scrotum skin back down but usually my grip is to tight that it doesn’t pull easily unless I loosen my grip. So then I don’t have the same firmness each grip and I think that it wouldn’t make the jelqing less helpful.

I jelq in the shower because it’s hard to carry lube around in dorm rooms.


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