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Already Big - An Advantage


Already Big - An Advantage

I am thinking of starting a PE program and I am naturally about 9.5” in length. I am curious if there is any evidence from users experience here if the starting size of a penis affects the speed of growth or potential maximum growth during PE. In other words, does having a big penis give you bigger or faster gains than an average or small penis?

Any input/experience is appreciated.

if you are 9.5, I seriously don`t understand what you are doing here, man.

Originally Posted by carbona533
I am thinking of starting a PE program and I am naturally about 9.5” in length.

Please tell me you’re here for penile health. (maybe girth gains) Are you trying to hurt someone? :)

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Doesn’t matter. The 9.5” might mean that you already have a low erection angle, and there are no lig gains to grab.

Tunica gains and eq gains will happen just like the rest of us.

If the guy wants an 11” unit, he’s in the right place.

Originally Posted by sinister_
if you are 9.5, I seriously don`t understand what you are doing here, man.

I agree. Unless you’re unusually thin I think you can find better things to do with your time.

By the way, do you have any pictures of said 9.5 inches?

Welcome on Thundersplace, carbona.

Is that 9.5” BPEL or NBPEL? Have you had sex with a woman already? Don’t mind me asking, the fact is that you easily are too big for many women, if not most of them.

Anyway, the anecdotic tendence around here seems to be that big/easy gainers are generally those that are small at the starting.

Post a pic of that monster with a ruler measuring it

I call BS

My starting stats, NBPEL 5.75", BPEL 6.75", MSEG 5.00" Most guys walk up and stick it in, when I'm finished here I'm going to stick it in and walk up :)

Pics or it’s fake.

Start (3/29/07): NBPEL: 6.00 EG: 5.25 BPEL: 6.50

Current (5/1/08): NBPEL: 6.25 EG: 5.375 BPEL: 6.75

Goal: NBPEL: 8.00 EG: 6.50

Haha listen to all of you haters. We could give him the benefit of the doubt at this point don’t you think? 9.5 inches is possible. That is Lex Steele’s stats though.

Guys with regular or small dicks seem to be more motivated, usually guys that are huge already will lose interest after finding how much work PE is.

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Thank you mmmk

I’ve got plenty of pics. Go to and look up username: bignjboy

It’s actually about 10 1/4” BPEL

I have only had sex with men, no women, and I don’t plan to. Issues occasionally arise, but nothing too serious.

I realize it’s plenty big enough; why not see how much bigger it can get? I’m interested to see what can happen, and I’m sure there are plenty here who might be interested too.

I asked the original question because I had heard contradictory feedback stating that starting size does or does not affect the process.

I don’t think starting size has much to do with what will happen during PE. Consistency in the PE exercises does have a lot to do with the outcome.

Proportionately, we all have the same opportunity and potential to make it larger, no matter our beginning size. A number of guys here have started out large and wanted more. Some who got large through PE still want more. I don’t see a problem with wanting more if that is where one’s mind set is.



Originally Posted by carbona533
I’ve got plenty of pics. Go to and look up username: bignjboy

Your dick is already known here. We had a member using your photos and calling them his.

Lallo’s fotos (pwned)

What happened to your Yahoo group? Except for recent spam, it hasn’t had a post since 2006.

I knew I’d seen those photos somewhere before. Good catch. Notice how the really big dicks are frequently recycled? If people thought they could get away with it, they’d be posting porn stars dicks too.

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1


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