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All praise France - Durex Comfort XLs

All praise France - Durex Comfort XLs

After scouring various shops in my native Britain, I returned home empty handed after my search for larger condoms. It seemed that the only condoms available were the normal sized ones. This was pretty disappointing, especially after reading about the Trojan Magnums and Magnum XLs which you can buy in the US.

You should have seen the smile on my face after I stumbled into one of the countless pharmacies on the streets of Nice. I quickly bought them then stashed them away in my suitcase until I returned home.

So, after I unpacked and went about various tasks, I decided to try one on and see how different it was from the normal condoms I’d tried before. Firstly, my penis doesn’t look like as much like a shrink-wrapped sausage now, and the base didn’t cut off my blood-flow, so they’re actually pretty comfortable. They’re probably a bit tighter than would be ideal, but all in all, they are A LOT more comfortable (less painful) than the normal sizes.

So, in conclusion, if you can;t find ones that fit in Britain, go to France… or just buy online.

They don’t sell large condoms in the U.K.? That’s the problem with a free market economy, no demand…no supply.

Just messin with you. Glad you were able to find what you needed. I hate that squashed sausage feeling.

I checked the Durex UK site, and it includes the XLs in their products list, but every shop I’ver looked in in the UK didn’t have them.

There’s probably 2 reasons for this:

Average- Most men are of an average penis size so most stores will stock what the masses want rather than the select few lucky guys.Added to that America Does everything BIG and I don’t mean penis size.There Stores are mostly HUGE with plenty of space to stock each and every brand one can think of of any product .Back home on the little island of Britain of course tho our stores don’t come close in size they have to fill there shelves with what the majority want rather than having the biggest selection.This goes for all products not just condoms. Britain is getting into the big store trend tho I’ve seen XL condoms in Tesco Xtras which are usually OOT or in retail parks.

Or the least likely

Ego/Medical-Teenage Pregnancy’s are at ridiculous highs So your average youth with his Ego will buy an XL to make him self look good over the counter or with a girl(we all know how oblivious the majority of women are to size if there not Nympho).And using any kind of Birth control that wouldn’t be fit for purpose is dangerous and increases the risk of pregnancy.Could be a government plot to decrease the risk of this by not supporting the Wide sale of this type of product intended for the larger man.

But it’s probably the first reason over the second it’s not a high demand product So a store won’t waste inventory on something that won’t sell on a regular basis.

And another idea for you is go to a local family planning clinic You can get free condoms that way including XL they do however Measure your penis and give you the appropriate size condom.

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Very good point there.

Even though I live near the city of Bath, there just aren’t any big pharmacy stores there.


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