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Alert. Please helpTurkey

Alert. Please helpTurkey

So I’ve been PEing I guess for like 2 months. Very off an on. I started off kind of intense with the newbie routine, doing 300 jelqs. Then I dropped to 150 then 100 after reading a lot of what others were posting. Now I rarely have time to jelq and I just stretch. I thought that I wouldn’t have to worry about turkey necking, but I think I maybe, I’m not entirely sure. I have hairs crawling up the bottom of my shaft on the backside. Lots of I guess white spots or whatever that are like meaningless. I’m not sure if it’s scrotum skin, but I thought one can only turkey neck from jelqing, NOT manual stretching. I’m extremely worried, does anyone have any advice? How do you stretch without having your scrotum skin go with it? I am cut if that makes a difference. Am I over thinking this?


Consider the possibility that you are gradually extending outward what others here have called the “inner penis.”

After doing PE, a lot of us notice hairs on the shaft where there were none before. I shave my shaft. Maybe try that?



When I become extremely hard and start to achieve 100% erection, subsequent strokes force me to feel as if my scrotum skin is extremely taught. I’m not exactly sure why.


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