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Advice for a newbie Help guys


So maybe can you guys answer some of my questions for me though? Drop the hanging thing, I’m reading as much as I can so I can get this done safely. I would really like some of my questions to be answered, if you guys would take 10 seconds to stop criticizing and start helping. I have been polite and nothing but nice, and I know you have my best interest in mind, but thats not my best interest for myself. I look around at all the guys who have hung and I see these amazing gains, don’t think I haven’t been reading up on the subject. And when I was tieing the stuff around, it wasn’t like I was just tieing a knot and then tieing it to the weight, thats not exactly how it worked. I wrapped, then wrapped the piece of satin type thing (it’s actually very soft cloth) around the wrapping, then actually I have some small sort of clamp thing, not a cable clamp, but something of the sort, and I put that on, as well as some of the stuff that you get when you wrap your arm, not in a cast, but the gauze stuff, before I put the clamp on. I didn’t go into this knowing absolutely nothing.

Now please, PLEASE, please, take 5 mins and answer a few of my questions, if you would. I would appreciate your help VERY much. Thanks guys.

Calm down a little, read the thread titled “Newbies start here” at the top of the Newbie Forum.

Originally Posted by Alice Hooper
Calm down a little, read the thread titled “Newbies start here” at the top of the Newbie Forum.

Dude.. I’m not mad or anything, please answer a few of my questions, thats all I’m asking.. What the hell is up with this? And I’ve been through everything there.


If you want more answers to your questions, it may help to make a numbered list of your most important questions. Your current posts have dozens of questions mixed in. If you can try to condense your posts a bit, it will seem a less formidable task to begin answering your questions.

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Just mostly copied and pasted out of the other 2 posts I asked them in..

My question is concerning cable clamps. I’ve seen people post a lot about them, so my question is, do you just use cable clamps for pumping? Do you put the clamp around your balls and your dick and tighten it up so no blood / circulation gets through, then pump? I have never actually tried pumping or even looked into it, what are your suggestions about maybe getting started in something like that in the future? Is it even worth it? I hear the gains aren’t even permanent, is that true?

Another question. I have decided I will be doing the newbie routine once in the morning, and once at night. I think I’m going to wet jelq in the morning, and dry jelq at night. Is this a good idea? Also, when I’m dry jelqing, (and yes, I have downloaded AND watched EVERY movie on this site) is pretty much all I’m supposed to be doing is making an ok sign around the base, pulling the foreskin up to the head taking about 3 seconds to do so, then just pulling down again really fast, without moving the actual shaft? I watched the video about 30 times and I’m still kind of confused. I’m talking about the standard ok grip on that one. And, what are your suggestions for how much of an erection I should have while I jelq? Should I also mix up all the techniques that are in the videos? Should I do one technique one day, then a different one the next day, then the last one the last day before I take a day off? (The Standard OK grip, The Overhand OK grip, and the C Grip) And even the Jelq Squeeze? Which one do you guys think would work best? Should I keep one only, or mix them up at all? I have also decided I will be doing the Sadsak Slinky, but I’m wondering how long I should do this for? 100 reps each? 2 mins each? 10 minutes total? I have looked all over and I really can’t find a definite answer.

My next question is about supplements. I can’t post in the other forum, and I really didn’t see anything to answer my question. What supplements are best to take to help your penis grow? I know there is certain stuff to make the blood flow down there better, but also what vitamins do you guys suggest throwing in there? Maybe a nice multi vitamin? I just don’t know the names really.

My question is about sleeping / eating schedules. I hear it’s really best for PE to be up bright and early in the mornings, as well as in bed and asleep by 11 or so. I also hear you shouldn’t eat after 7 pm. Also, what type of foods are best for helping out with gains? What foods exactly are best? (Cheetos for example) And yeah, I know they’re not hahaha but it’s just an example of what I mean. I hear it’s also best to stay away from all kinds of drugs, as well as try and only drink alcohol on the weekends, if at all. Stay away from smoking cigs too I hear is a great idea. Your thoughts and opinions on all of that? I’m just trying to learn as much as I can guys, sorry if I seem like a hassle.

Straight from my other posts.. Thanks guys.

No help I guess?

Faq? ;)

Fuck it, nevermind. I already read, why do you think I’m asking them now?

And the thunder rolled!

He was such a fine gentleman, a very astute student of PE. He always followed instructions well and did his homework right on time.

P.S. Sixer, you were too late.


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