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Abstinence until you get the size you want

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Should you abstain from sex until you reach your desired size?




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Abstinence until you get the size you want

What do you guys think of abstiaining from sex until you get your desired size? I have tried to do this, I’m 20yr, an amatuer bodybuilder( all natural), and I do modeling, so I don’t think I’m a bad looking guy, thing is I love sex and am always very horny, so it’s hard to do. Problem is one of the reasons I got into lifting was because of my small endowment, 5.0 BPEL and 5.0 EG, that doesn’t match my frame of 5’10, 220 lbs. I have missed out on a lot of my social life because of my complex of having a small dick, and when I do have sex, I have lots of performance anxiety which just makes the situation even worse, and makes me think about it that much more the next time, which makes it even worse. It doesn’t help that I’m uncut, and that is enough to worry about by itself. I haven’t had a gf in 3 years but all girls think I have no trouble getting ladies ( if they only knew lol), it’s just that I don’t want them to get all excited seeing my body and then getting dissapointed. I’m thinking once I reach my 1st short term goal of 6.0 BPEL, that I will be much more confident and relaxed. My goal for 1-2yrs is 7.0 BPEL and eventually the 8x6 “ideal.” Hope to here all your thoughts.

There’s more to good sex than a big dick. If you pass up on experience, it will show when the day comes.

Oopsie. I have misread again. I’ll be back.

Thing is, I have no problem pleasing a woman without using my cock, I can make them cum pretty easily but my tongue and fingers eventually do get tired and I’d like to pound knowing she likes it.

Reading time —> Small penis thread link list

I’m not saying you are small, you have more girth than I do, but that’s what some secret agent decided to name the thread (?)

I love sex too much to abstain for any other reason than having an STD.

I don’t consider you small but concede that it may “appear small” because of your body size. There are ways to conceal this if you put your mind to it. Don’t let the lady get an overall body penis look from far away. Let her get close up :)

What would you say to a guy with a 6x5 penis but wants to abstain until having an amateur body builder’s body and able to model?

I would say he is crazy.

Originally Posted by UpnComingStud
What do you guys think of abstiaining from sex until you get your desired size?

Why? How would that help? I would think it would add to your anxiety level.

What a woman thinks of your dick is not the be all-end all in this world. If she doesn’t like it, she won’t come back. Her loss, not yours. If she does, she’ll stay for whatever reasons she wants be it your personality, body, or even the size of your dick. They aren’t all size queens you know.

Anyone who is a model should have no problems getting sexual partners. You surely must have some level of confidence in your looks and body, just let that spill over to your love life and be confident in bed and stop worrying about your size. If they laugh and point at it, kick ‘em out of bed and get another. Don't let other people make life decisions for you.

Westla put it better than I could!

I wouldn’t stress it if I was you friend.

Girth is a lot more important than length, and you’re packing well in that department.

You’re a little shorter, but it’s not that big a deal.

Ball her up on her back, it shortens the length of her vagina, you’ll feel plenty long inside her that way.

Sorry, double post.

I feel you homie. 4 years ago, i used to feel the same way. At that time, i didnt know about PE yet and i was so sad i’d live with a small cock.

Then i have my 1st sex session with a girl in an weird place (lol). Wasn’t that great; but then i discovered Pe and this is changing my life, im more confident and all. I have sex every now and then but not often. My stats are in my sig. I keep chasing girls, doing freaking things, eventually fucking a few of them. No doubt, next year i’ll reach my 8*6 goal and things will completely change, my sex life will (i hope) be more better than ever !

Big Money, Big Dick : and You'll have wild success with Females ! That\'s no secret

Before : 16cm *Now: NBPEL 7.91" (20.1 cm) x EG 5.9" as of 19-Mar-2008 New Short Term Goal : 21 cm

Back! El Presidente FrankWhite :moon2: 8 is NOT enuff Retirement from PE @ 22cm :!:

I’m 40 years old, pre-PE I was in the average department just like you, and I have never been in a relationship where the size of my dick have been an issue whatsoever. Break-ups always had better reasons. Actually none of the women I ever had sex with (about 15 before I met myt wife) ever commented negatively on my dick, but I’ve had a fair amount of positive reactions.

I don’t think I have ever even spoken to a size queen.

I voted no.

What if you never reach your desired size? You’re up shit creek without a paddle then. :D
But seriously, you should never pass up sex for PE related reasons. It defeats the purpose of doing PE exercises in the first place.

Atleast you have 5” girth. That’s my goal. :)

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