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Absolutely Amazing


Absolutely Amazing

I stumbled onto this site 4 weeks ago. At that time I was interested in increasing the girth of my penis. I started basically with the newbie routine with dry jelqs.

Last night I was sippin some wine and started fondling myself. I got good and hard and it felt like I had a log in my hands. I decided to measure myself, thinking a month was a decent time to check progress. 4 weeks ago my mid shaft erect was 4.75”, last night it was 5 1/16” and my jaw fell open. I said out loud “holy fuckin shit, this shit works” ( I apologize if cussing is inappropriate ).

Today at work, I kept thinking about this new thing pressed against my leg and thought about posting here, as, well, who else can I tell, folks at work? “Hey, my pecker just grew a 1/4” in girth in the last month!) Anyway, I came home and decided to measure again before spouting off to early, but, holy cow, I have gained over a 1/4” in girth in the last 4 weeks!! Seriously, I want to tell my friends but Know it is out of bounds so I had to share it here. Feeling what I have, I can’t imagin what it would be like to have a 5.5+ girth - but I hope to find out!

Thank you for an awesome resource!! I wish I had found it long ago -


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Congratulations :)

June 29th 2008: BPEL 17,3 cm (6.8"), EG 13,6 cm (5.3").

Goal: NBPEL ~ 19,5 cm (7.6"), EG ~ 14,5 (5.7").

Another satisfied customer.

Believe it or not there are people who still think PE is bogus. If you really feel the need to tell someone, go tell them. I’m sure they would love to hear about it.

Starting (10 / 2006): 5.8~BPEL, 5~BG ----> Current: 7.6 BPEL, 5.6 BG ----> Goal: Pringles Can

Good stuff, but I have to say this is very initial. Not all of this can be considered solid gains I think. However if you continue they will become so.

27/05/07 7,6" Bpel - 5,3" Eg - 5,3" Fl

02/06/08 8,1" Bpel - 5,6" Eg - 5,7" Fl

Any length gains MountainDog? Glad to hear you had girth gains, they’re generally considered harder to achieve

Start 6/13/08 NBPEL = 5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=3.5 FG=4.5 Now 8/5/08 NBPEL = 5.5 EG=5.25 NBPFL=4 FG=4.75Goal NBPEL=7 EG=5.5 NBPFL=5 FG=4.75

My Pics/Log

Thanks folks -

Hey tombaldwin, I haven’t really checked length gains as that wasn’t what I was after or trying for.

Thanks Hardhead, it is incentive to keep going and hang onto the gain, here’s hopin!

Good account MD!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Congrats MD.

I edited your post breaking paragraphs so it’s more appealing for the reader. A wall of words is…ugly :) .

I know what you mean about sharing your progress with the guys at work. I work in a steel mill and that would be a big, I don’t think so! Besides they wouldn’t believe you anyway, this stuff doesn’t work anyway, right?

I did have one black friend ask me if I was going through puberty, I just laughed because I’ll be 58 this December! I know it’s bugging him because he noticed the change, not that we look at each others Wang’s, but secretly everyone’s always taking sneak peaks in the shower. Congratulations on your gains and I say, lets keep this our little secret.

Originally Posted by buttonbuck
I did have one black friend ask me if I was going through puberty,


What does the color of his skin have to do with you statement?


Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Mountain Dog… your girth gains; were they from newbie routine? What do you attribute your gains to?

5” girth at altitude is something like 5.58” at sea level.


Hehe. All kidding aside great work MD!

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Thanks for the support folks!

Sorry Marinera, I noticed that ‘wall of words’ and meant to break into paragraphs but forgot in my excitment to get the word out, he, he..

So, Siva, I have been doing basically the newbie routine, but more girth focused if that makes sense. I stretch a little less and dry jelq a little more. I really don’t count the jelqs but I do them for 15 minutes (while watching the news, that’ll keep ya from getting 100% erect - ha ha). I do a strong kegle and firmly grasp the base of the penis and slowly pull forward 3-6 seconds. I pull up, down, left, right and switch hands often. I am anywhere from 50 - 90% erect.

Here’s one thing I find interesting, I alternate between sitting and standing. By sitting on the edge of a chair, I find I can hold the kegels better because of the pressure of the chair there. Personally I can get a really good grip this way along with a good pumped up feel.

I hope that helps. Thanks again, best of luck to all!


(While watching the news, that’ll keep ya from getting 100% erect - ha ha).

Haha. Sarah palin must not be on.

Starting BPEL= 6.7 " EG= 6.5"

July 2016 BPEL=7" EG=6.75"

Goal NBPEL=8" x EG=7"

Hillary Clinton would reduce blood flow… she would be better for hanging or stretching.

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