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Abnormal injury resistance

Abnormal injury resistance

Hello everyone,

I know the title of this thread may seem very weird, but it’s there for a reason. As some may know, I started PE in mid-January. My routine is extremely simple, as it consists of Jelqing and Kegels only. I usually do 10 minutes of Jelqing and then 60 kegels; this routine is performed 3 times per week. I’m really going for a “less is more” approach, because my objectives really aren’t extreme. For those curious about them, here are some stats:

Beginning (around mid-January):
EG: 5”

NBPEL: 6.75”
EG: 5.5”

Now, here’s my question, or “problem”. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different Jelqing techniques.. Overhand, underhand, on flaccid, on semi-flaccid, on 80% erect, on 100% erect, etc. I know some of these were discouraged, but I wanted to know the “feeling”. Moreover, I even tried different pressures and strokes. And here’s the kick: no matter which technique I use, on whichever erection level (includes 100%), with whatever pressure I employ, I seem to be absolutely unable to cause the slightest injury. I’ve never seen red spots, purple zones, or whatever else can happen.

NOW, my objective is NOT to injure myself, trust me on that one. It’s just that a little negative sign would help me determine that “oh, OK this technique went a little to far” zone. I’m starting to worry that there’s a problem with the way I apply pressure with my hand. I mean, I really feel the pressure, sometimes I’m tightening pretty hard; yet, no symptoms. Does anyone have any explanation as to why I seem to be “injury-proof”??

It is still too early to measure for gains. I will probably measure in the summer to see if it works. If it does, hopefully I can try some clamping then.

Anyway, let me know what you think! Thanks a lot.

Does your penis wear a cape with an S written on it?

You could try a hammer or even your door.

If that does not work go to extremes knives, guns…

Jokes asides now.

You are very lucky not to have injured yourself but even though it might not be wise to try clamping so early.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Hahaha.. You can actually do nice bends if you crush your penis through closed doors! Just kidding..

Yeah, I’m definitely not touching clamping for a while; not before 4-5 months of PEing, which will be this summer at least. Also, I might add to the original post.. I have also had positive PI’s, such as increased erection strength, which is MOST probably the result of Kegeling, but still, it also indicates that there hasn’t been any slight internal injury or anything..

What really worries me is that, when you don’t know the upper limit, you can’t really gauge yourself at the middle for doing the exercises.. I’m just scared that I’m not putting enough pressure or something, and that I’m wasting my time because there’s not enough strain to cause the desired “plastic deformation”.

Dude as long as it is growing, do not change your routine.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I agree, if you are getting gains just stick with your routine.

If you feel like your routine isn’t giving you a “workout” then try doing another 5 minutes of jelq.

But be careful not to overdo it! If you overdo it you will have to rest for several weeks before you can begin again, and will probably lose some of your gains in that time.

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