a unique case -- please help!

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading these boards for a long time. I thought I had enough information to start a basic jelq routine, and about 2 months ago, I decided to ease my way in with just 8 minutes of jelq, inc. light stretch and hot wrap. The first time went fine. After a few hours, I noticed that veins were more prominent, and there were lines on my man — seemingly stretch marks.

I skipped a few days, then decided, unwisely, to up my time to 15 minutes of jelq for the second session. Afterwards, my man was a bit swollen, but after a few minutes, it shrank up quite small, as if there were no blood in it at all. It was like this for a few days before returning to normal size. (Actually, it appeared that I had gained a little girth.) For about six weeks, I experienced trouble maintaining an erection, and even my morning wood was weak. Even worse, I noticed that my erect man curves quite drastically to the left. (Previously, I had only a very faint curve).

Now, a full two months later, I still have the curve, the vein prominence, the extra girth, and the stretch marks. I know all of these effects are normal or understandable, but I have never read of this happening after only two short jelq sessions. I am getting rock hard erections in my sleep, and I can get an almost equally firm erection manually with a little work. I have avoided sex so far, so I don’t know how that would go.

Now, I must decide whether I want to jelq to try to correct the curve. Apparently, my man is very sensitive to the jelq, and I don’t want to screw him up any more. Anyone out there ever hear of anything like I’ve experienced? If anyone has advice, I’d be grateful.