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A strange PE-induced deformity and the best way to fix it

A strange PE-induced deformity and the best way to fix it

Through extensive PE I have created a noticeable “twist” or rotation in my dick (I created this twist years ago doing PE). The left side is slightly lower than the right. When hanging down the left side is lower and when hanging towards my stomach when lying down the right side is lower. I imagine this was caused by improper jelqing (although, ironically, it has been my greatest testament to myself that: yes, PE does work). My question is: should I apply more pressure to the left upper side and the right lower side—the seemingly underdeveloped areas—when jelqing or should I do the reverse? Putting pressure on the underdeveloped areas exacerbates the apparent deformity whereas putting it on the overdeveloped appears to correct it (while I am jelqing). It comes down to a question of, which areas will receive the greatest stimulus for growth? Thinking of Aristocane’s (I think it was him) clamping evidence, where the area under the clamp was underdeveloped relative to the area adjacent, it might seem as though it is the areas adjacent to the constriction and force that grow the most (which might indicate that I should apply the most pressure to the overdeveloped areas, expanding the underdeveloped areas more). However, I don’t know.

Thoughts greatly appreciated.

I just thought I’d clarify (and revive) my last post. When I say upper and lower it is only with respect to the part of the shaft that faces up and part that faces the ground. I don’t mean head vs base—the twist is pretty consistent throughout the shaft.


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