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A question about hair (sort of lame question)


Originally Posted by dongdon
And plus when we give girls head we get so much hair in our mouth we have a full floss so let her deal with a few hairs too!

Not if she’s shaven ;)

One time, out of curiosity, used a beard trimmer to shorten the majority of my pubes and then shaved my balls with razor in the bath (risky eh?) I thought if women can tidy up down there why not men? But the itching it caused was insane! Even the tidy appearance and getting my girl to moisturise my bare nutsack (which was heaven by the way, I recommend it at least once!) wasn’t enough to make up for the constant itching! Anyone know why it itches so much? My facial hair doesn’t itch like that.

It’s because it’s not used to it yet ScottAid. The more you do it the less the itching sensation. So if you feel up to plowing through the first month or so you should be fine after a while. Although I have stopped shaving and have gone to plucking the shaft. Yes it did hurt at first, but now I am used to it and the hairs pull out much easier. Five minutes at a time while I use the restroom and I am done in the course of a day. I would recommend this more so than shaving because it lasts longer and the hair doesn’t come back thicker or faster as it does with shaving. IMVHO. My .02



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