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a penis like a cone

a penis like a cone

tachchen ^^

I’m from Germany, my english is not the best, so I hope you can understand what my question is,
I hope that someone who is involved can answer that question,

If you milk your penis, you are pressing the blood in the glans and the part of the penis under the glans, but what is with the lower part of the penis? The part which is near the pelvis? I’m a little bit afraid that my penis become like a cone, near the pelvis a small circumference and near the glans a large circumference. Maybe one have to milk the other way, milk back from the glans to the pelvis to balance the thickness of the penis, or is this absolutely nonsense?

I would be happy, if one of you experts, which gained some inches, could answer this because I don’t want to hurt my little friend or make a snowman out of him. :-)

By the way

length 16 cm max
circumference 13 cm max

I´ve never heard of something like this. All of us who have milked our penises have gained length and also girth. Do not be afraid. Your dick will never resemble a cone. When you milk your unit, you force blood to the shaft and to the head (glans). Your member becomes bigger proportionately. Usually, the base grows thicker than the rest of it.

Hello and welcome! I share your concerns as I’m a newcomer myself to PE since 3-4 weeks. Do some searches for “bat-shaped”, “baseball-bat” etc and I think you will find the information you want (hope I did not misunderstand the meaning of this concept). From my limited experience, and from what I gathered from this forum, my understanding is that it is very important to perform the yelq with a consistent grip, i.e, taking care not to change the circumference formed by the ok-grip throughout the stroke. Also, make sure the yelq really begind at the base; notice the quick “back-draw” just before the actual stroke begins in the instruction clips at this forum. Third, there must be a sufficient erection level, not too low as I understand it (this was no problem for me, rather the contrary… ;-).

For what it is worth, I notice that the base of my penis shaft now has gained in girth so that it approaches more closely that of mid-shaft (base was thinner before I began PE). The shape and symmetry are very important monitoring parameters for me, especially since I have severe problems to keep a mid-erection level as I am supposed to…if it would start to look strange something is wrong. The only way I can adapt to this is to keep the pressure level very closely controlled, increasing it gradually until I think it feels right. For me, this is signified by a pleasant whole-body “rush”-sensation from each stroke which I attempt to keep throughout the session. Searching is always a good idea, almost everything you can think of is already discussed. Good luck!

Thanks for the information, I believe and I will try :)

It will begin in my head

*My dick becomes bigger, my dick becomes bigger, my dick becomes bigger .*

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