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A little help please

A little help please

First off, I’m new to this world so please excuse my ignorance. I started the newbie routine about three weeks ago, everything was going good at first then I ran into some complications. The first issue I had was achieving any % of an erection at all, this happened after the first week or so. The second think I’m curious about is that after I’m done my jelqing my unit stays plump and healthy looking for all of two minutes then it wants to shrink rather quickly. Not a turtle so to speak but makes me think I’m doing something wrong. Thank you all in advance, any and all suggestions are much appreciated.

Hey Thatguy

What did you do in the first week?
Especially: how hard is your grip when jelqing?
And what happened then making your EQ going down?
And are you speaking of level of erection during jelqing or for sex?

As for the look after jelqing going back to normal - are you doing any warm down?
I noticed that my flaccid hang after jelqing changed faster when I did not do a warm down.

But anyways I changed the routine by jelqing before stretching. I have had some erection level challenges too when I stretched before jelqing.
Stretching is more stressing for the dick than jelqing, just as a hint.

Always wishing you good gains and a great EQ - Richard65

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook and my routine: Richard65's Routine

You sound like you may be doing your exercises abit too rough to begin with. Slow down, take your time and your gains will come slowly. Other than that, welcome to TP and good luck with your routine

Richard I followed the basic newbie routine the first week. I do feel like my grip may have been too hard at first. I’m talking about the erection during jelqing, also yes I do warm down after. I’m trying to stick to the routine exactly for the first few months.

Supersize thanks for the insight I will keep that in mind. May have gotten a bit over zealous the first few times but ill make sure to take it slow and go easier on the grip. The red dots have appeared a few times.

Haha yeah I got little carried away the other week. It happens, but you will see gains, just improve your technique and you’ll be fine :D


I jave noticed that fading erection level when jelqing is a quite frequent trouble. i can only speak for myself - I had/have it too sometimes. I get in “training” mode while exercising, so the erotic component sometimes is missing a wee bit.

What helps me is focusing on my dick and telling myself how great it looks and start the mind-cinema, what it will look when bigger and in action or other highly erotic sceneries. I try not to use porn for this purpose.

It’s working, but I need strict privacy then. Stretching can be done with “disturbances” allowed, but the holy grail of jelqing has to be me and my dick only!

Always wishing you good gains and a great EQ - Richard65

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook and my routine: Richard65's Routine


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