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A little help please

A little help please

I used to do PE until about 3 maybe 4 years ago. I gained about 3/4” back then and I am just now starting the newbie workout.

My question is beck then I gained mostly from my bib hanger”s” and most of my girth came from pumping. (I guess there are not many pumpers left.) Oh yea and Bib is GONE!! Maybe it was more than 3 years??

Anyway now I read that as long as your getting gains don’t over do anything or you will make it harder to gain.

Any of you take such a long time off and then come back? If so did you find the gains fast like the first time you started doing PE or did you pretty much need to start where you left off after you conditioned you unit.

WOW I suck at putting things to words.. I hope you understand what I’m asking.

On a side not all my gains stayed for the most part from last time. About all I was really doing in the way of PE since I quite was stretching for about 5 min one or 2 times a week and pumping for about 15 to 20 min once a week. Nothing more.

Anyway back to my question.. Should I go slow or get right back into hanging once I complete the newbie workout?


Hey master33598,

I was in the same boat for a while. Being in college really ate up a lot of my time and I was unable to PE for an extended period of time. When I was PEing I saw incredible gains, and when I took the time off I saw no decrease in the gains I made. So when I had time to start up again I thought the same thing you are right now, “should I pick up where I left off, or should I ease back into it?” I chose the latter. I started the newbie routine again and slowly worked my way back to where I left off and I continued to see improvement. So, my advice is start from a clean slate and ease back into PE, because you would hate to damage your member from over working it. I hope that helps bud.


I agree with total package on this. Ease back into PE by starting with the newbie routine. Work your way slowly back into PE.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Yes I guess I will know if at the end of the 90 days. If I have gained it is not tough like I though it would be. If not it is tougher and I need to get a little more hard core.


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