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A guy vet/guy who's experienced I need your help?

A guy vet/guy who's experienced I need your help?

Would it be wise for me to hang 20 minutes and then after hangin’ do 300 jelqs and some Uli3’s?

By the way how many Uli’s do you guys do?


I can only share my experience, which was strictly jelqing for the first two months, then stretching for the next two. I guess I would have added hanging if the first two hadn’t done the trick for me. I’d jelq first, then hang. But I don’t know that much about hanging. Good luck.


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Check out the hangers forum. Many guys start with hanging. I think that I would not try Uli’s for at least a couple of months. You need to get a sense of self awareness so that you don’t hurt yourself. Uli’s and horse’s are advanced moves.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

You will find that most seasoned hangers avoid girth work in an effort to focus more on gaining length. The theory being that the less tunica there is to breakdown the easier the potential length gains.
Ultimately it is about an efficient use of time: If you are working girth you are wasting time that could be spent hanging.
Once they have conquered their length goal they move on to a more exclusive girth routine.

There is also an argument to be made for avoiding the severe stress that one could subject their unit to were they to combine ulis with hanging.

Most hangers incorporate some form of jelqing into their routine, mainly for the health of it.


I guess I will hang 20 minutes and then do 200 jelqs today and see how my penis responds.


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