A few tips I found need advice


I don’t know if this will work for all but it has certainly increased my results! My current routine is:

3-5 mins of warm cloth
5 minutes stretching
Followed by 200 jelqs (2-4 seconds)

Then I immediately take a warm shower, and stretch then masturbate! Then stretch some more. Then kegel through the day.

My results doing this have been awesome! I get random erections all throughout the day!
My penis is much more able to withstand long arduous sex. This is amazing, I wanted to get your guys feed back and see if anyone has tried this little twist. I have been seeing more results than when I started. And my penis no longer suffers from “turtling”

Thanks guys for all your help I have gained .4 inches in a short 3 weeks and .3 around. I am making a nice donation as soon as I get paid!