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A few things for a newbie...

A few things for a newbie...

Hey, just joined, and had some interest in this whole PE thing. I should state that my long-term g/f is actually quite happy with my penis, and doesn’t care what size it is.

However, for my own self-image, I would like to gain a little. I am currently 3.25 X 3.5 flaccid and 5.5 X 4.5 erect. I know I’ve seen it said other places, but I want to make sure this is normal. heck, with everyone here talking about being 8 or 9, it makes you wonder.

Anyway, my target goals are about 6.5-7 in length, and maybe 5 or a little more in girth. Not too much, just something to shoot for. I just recently started jelqing, and that’s about all I do.

Any suggestions, comments, people who are willing to slave-drive me into reaching my goals, I’d appreciate it.

QUOTE]Originally posted by Phoward
I am a workout-aholic, so I'm in good shape, no problems there. This is strictly a “what do I do, and how long will it take?” question. I'd like to see the inch length gain and .5 inch width gain by the end of the next four months, if that's possible. With what I'm doing, as I referred to in my last post, is it?? [/QUOTE]

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Seems like you are fairly average in size to start - so was I. My wife had no complaints when I was 5.875x4.875, but I have noticed by her responsiveness during sex and an increase in vocality during sex and an increased frequency of her initiating that she is getting some thing out of the extra 1.5” in length increase and the 0.375” in girth increase (I haven’t told her yet about PE). Your goals are quite reasonable and when I started I never thought about any more than 7”x5.25” - well that came so quickly and easily for me that my goal has changed to the typical PEer goal of 8”x6”. Since your girlfriend doesn’t care It won’t hurt for it to get bigger will it? I can tell you that being bigger makes me more confident in bathroom situations and I no longer have any lingering doubt about whether I satisfied wifey. Listen to your body, don’t overdo but gradually increase your workout according to your tolerance. You seem to have a symetrical dick so I would start with 10 min jelq and work up to 30 min over a few months. maybe 5 min manual stretch and work up to 10 or 15 over the same time frame. After that you can reasses your goals and consider whether you want to by any equipment (power jelq, hanger, stretcher, vacuum pumps) or just continue with manual exercise. Don’t get too hung up over the huge dicks you see in the porno flicks - a lot those guys are in the

1 %ile category and many of them are not able to get partners except pros. Finally make sure you get good, consistant starting measurements and (if you are so inclined) pictures preferably with some frame of referece (toilet roll or a ruler). You may want to kick yourself in the ass in the future for not having done this. Good luck and good gains.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks for the help...

How long did it take you to achieve those gains?? Also, is having a symmetrical penis good, or should it be longer in length than girth? I’ve always been happy with the way it looked. Like I said, just doing this for my own self-confidence.

I’ve been into PE for 4 months, but I think most of us would consider this “fast” gains and not necessarily typical. I think that If you had a skinny one I would have recommended only jelqs and perhaps progressing to uli’s or squeuzes. If you had a short fat one I would have given emphasis to stretching. The example I described should give symetrical results. The following are example of good “symetrical” sizes.


and so on. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

1 inch gain

I’ve just reached my one inch gain ……..after 2 years of (somewhat inconsistent and a lot of trial and error) PE.

And remember (for example in PE data) that a guy of 7”- 8” may be quoting bone pressed measurements, which would convert your 5.5” into a 6”er or more straight off the bat.

Welcome to the club, and start slowly. We are all enthusiastic at first, and not seeing a measurement after one week can be very disheartening. Don’t fool yourself and you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for your help

Actually, the 5.5” is bone pressed. However, non bone pressed is still 5.25-5.375. I don’t have that much of a fat pad. Thanks for the help though. I’m not expecting things to happen right away, but I’m damned determined. I’ll keep you posted on my results.

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