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A Dutchman's Thoughts On PE And Wet Jelqing.

A Dutchman's Thoughts On PE And Wet Jelqing.

Hello all! Its my first time posting on Thunders and I’m a little nervous. First off I would like to say a hearty Thank-You! To this site and all the people who post, edit and run Thunders. Your all legends and without whom I would be resorting to Viagra ect to keep my sex life (and penis) up. Ok so now on to the actual topic. I started PE some four and a half months ago (After around six weeks of study and information gathering). Thankfully for me, being dutch and 6”4 tall god gave me 8.5” Length and 5.9” Girth. I was thankful for this but found after having a few partners that my EQ was going down. Not that it was ever great anyway but it got to the point that it was barely hard, that started to worry me. I never entered PE wanting anything bigger, just harder, and can I testify guys, after nearly 5 months of wet jelqs morning and night (will put routine at bottom) as well as light stretches and walking. When I have sex with my gorgeous wife its like an iron bar down there. I have also gained around .2-.25 of an inch in length and .2 of girth, this has spurred me on to want to break the 10” x 6.5” barrier. Now again I would like all newbies to understand, PE is a lifelong commitment. There is no miracle inch a week pill or workout. Like everything in life you have to work for it, commit to it and stay strong in your conviction. My routine is as follows, 5-10 min in hot shower, stretch in all directions for a good amount of time, lightly squeeze all along your shaft once done stretches and work the heat into your unit. Once done I grab my lube rub it together to warm it up and start my wet jelqs, lightly at first for 5 min then increase to firm but not hard grip for another 20 min then wash of and warm down in the shower. I do this morning and night, twice a day. May I also point out that if your having trouble with getting much blood in your head or shaft when your hand reaches your head perform a kegel to get the blood pressure up, repeat this as necessary throughout your wet jelqing. Thanks guys hope this helps someone! Cause you all helped me! Cheers Van Kastelein.

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Congratulations on your success and welcome to the posting side. The water is much warmer over here (just don’t ask why). :)

No need to feel nervous. In fact, the only one who should be nervous about you being on a penis enlargement forum is your wife (you know you are already huge!).

Sounds like you have a good grasp on what you need to get the most out of PE so I wish you the best as you reach your future goals.

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Cheers mate, yeah she doesn’t know I do PE but once I started I couldn’t stop, its great for confidence and happiness. Keep at it everyone!

Congratulations. A clean life with a good loving woman and some sensitivity training on your cock and you are hard as a rock now! I love stories like this! Keep the woman happy and yourself! Good luck!

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