A 4.5 incher Speaks

“In Penis Enlargement Facts and Fallacies: All Men Are Not Created Equal by Gary M. Griffin he stated that he knew of a Doctor in Europe who discovered how to enlarge the penis easily, but he could not bring this procedure to market.
If the medical art won’t take us seriously then we will have to ground the art and be the scientist!”- thumbcock

Where is your state of mind? Do you think this is a crock and we are all making this up? Do you need to look for proof in before and after pictures? If so do it and get over it quickly and with faith and consistency you can be bigger then you are now. Follow the newbie routines and learn them the benefit’s are going to be seen in your sexual performance as well as the aesthetics

When I started I was overweight, so my crotch padding made my already small 4.5 in erect penis look even smaller, and I had big hands. These factors made jelqing a pain in the ass. To make matters worst my girl friend had a small waist and big everything else so when I was inside her doggy style the only thing I could do much off without being ejected from her womb was grind inside her. Thinking back now I’d say she really loved me to endure that and not search for better- Thank you Shavonne!

It took me over a decade to get here (KEEP READING) but if I combine all the time that I actually spent exercising the ratio is 4:15. I recently added 1 and 3/8 inch to my penis in eight months. That may sound like a lot of time but keep in mind I wasn’t exercising everyday every week some times I wouldn’t exercise for three weeks straight. I’ve got three kids and a nosey Mrs. To contend with, so it makes it pretty tricky to get a session in but I DO AND I GROW.

Stay consistent log on to this site as much as possible helps with the motivation. If I would have stayed away from the discouragement yo-yo I would have gotten to my 9x6.5 along time ago. THE HARDIEST PART for me was keeping notes and taking pictures. Do this religiously your notes are invaluable. No matter how keen your eye is your proper note recording will never miss that you’ve grown 10th of a cm, but your eyeballs will. Proper note taking will allow you to develop a cycle and you’ll be able to develop and adjust programs for better gains. Keep motivation high!!

Even though my goal for 9x6.5 is doable. When I take measurements of myself at 7.36in/18.69cm I’d have to look at how far away 9inx6.5in/22.86x16.51cm really is. 8 inchs is better then 7.36 in my book so that’s what I’m focused on, and still 9X6.5 is on my mind but in the very back on a wall some where. Looking at my cock I know it’s above average but it still looks small to me. You have to watch what you compare your cock to. If your looking at mandingo, whitezilla, shorty mack as I have it can dampen the motivation fueling the PE effort. Look at your most recent picture or notes and compare them to when you first started.

That sets me on fire every time!!

Now at 7.36 in length and 5.5 in circumference my sexual partners beg for my dick and they come hard easily and experience multiply orgasm if not every session every other session. I never new what was the big deal about deep throating, and or penetrating deeply until now. I know I’ve only reach the tip of the iceberg and now I want to feel more, hence 8 inches is better then 7.36 in and that’s my focus!

I have not lost weight confidence is still high, no I won’t take my shirt of in public (like a beach, or public pool) but women stare at my zipper and its a tremendous marketing point that leads up to interesting sex encounters.