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8 in 08 and other questions

8 in 08 and other questions

Hi- this is my first posting here so for a little background info and reasons why I was looking for such a site. I am a 48 year old white male happily married to the same red hot redhead for the last 30 years and living in Florida. OK about a month ago while having sex (we have sex at least 5 times a week) My wife was sucking me off and sometimes she sucks a little too hard but after about 10 minutes I was ready for intercourse so I pulled my rock hard dick out of her mouth and by the time I started to stick it in her fun muffin I went to about 40% hard and couldn’t get it in so she started sucking it some more but it never got any harder than about 60 %.. This happened again a few days later then a few more days passed and it’s been working fine but I hadn’t let her suck it since then (and I really miss that). So I started the newbie routine about 5 days ago 1-1-08 I measured my pecker as described in other threads 4.5 inches flaccid 6.5 hard. So was the limp pecker thing just a fluke or something more serious? Do I need something like “Male enhancement pills”? And will this help my sex life if so can I get 8 inches by the end of the year?

Thanks for any help-


Originally Posted by whiskeydrinker
“Male enhancement pills”?

Firstly, these do not work, they’re just a scam, don’t give them any of your money. Instead Make a Donation

Originally Posted by whiskeydrinker
And will this help my sex life if so can I get 8 inches by the end of the year?

As for this goal, it’s a little out there, but there’s no reason you can not attain it if your dedicated to the process. People have gained an inch, and some even more in the course of a year. Remember this is not a sprint, it may take you some time, but you can get there in the end.

As for your erection problem, hopefully some other members can chime in about that. Or you can use the great search function that we have hear at Thunders Place. Use it like any normal search engine, type in what your looking for and it’ll search the entire forum for the threads you need.

The road is long, and a fruitful one. Remember to take it easy, and listen to your body.

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Firstly, welcome to TP.

Secondly, kingdingaling is right. Enhancement pills are a waste of money. The most they do is increase blood flow to give harder erections.

You goal is not impossible, but it is better to keep setting lower goals to keep your motivation and interest in PE up. like be 7 by April, 7.5 by August etc.


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There are tests you can get if this problem of sustaining an erection persists. I would consider checking with a urologist if this problem doesn’t go away.

I wouldn’t say that male enhancement pills are waste of money, period, end of story.

What I would say is: if these pills make claims of actually enlarging the penis, those claims are, indeed, bogus.

However, some supplements do indeed help with erections and, as you are apparently having difficulty with your erection, they may be preferable than getting prescriptions for pharmaceutical solutions. Twin Lab’s Male Fuel is a pretty well rounded supplement. It does have yohimbe in it however, which can be risky for people with heart conditions. Some people react negatively to yohimbe, so an Arginine supplement might be enough on it’s own. This is a reasonably priced one, there are others. And there’s plenty to read on these subjects here and elsewhere. Educate yourself.

As far as your goal of 8” in ‘08… or answering And will this help my sex life if so can I get 8 inches by the end of the year?

I’m not of the belief that an 8” dick is the answer to everything. It is certainly possible to have a fully satisfying sex life with a dick a few inches shorter than that.

If you have that as a goal that’s fine. To have a hope of realizing that goal you will have to apply a steady, consistent amount of effort.

The Newbie Routine is a great place to start.

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