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6x5.7 more girth makes it look smaller


I’m 18,5 cm EL (which is about 7 1/4 EL) . I don’t know or care about BP measurement but I’d say about 7 3/4.
Girth rules.

RIP Dime.

6 x 6 is one of those classic, “beer can” cocks, Sheddin. If you never gain anything more, you are a member of a very distinct club. Enjoy that thing.



I love beer! Lol yeah but 7x6 would make me feel more confident

So I should just focus on length from now on. It’s hard though because I feel I can get more girth than length

Whats your routine?

I’m still doing the newbie routine

Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy
… I have put forth serious effort and have yet to gain any length worth mentioning… You guys that experience gains of an .5 to an inch are more lucky then you realize… Some of us have literally spent years eeking out a 1/4 inch gain at best… In any event GOOD SHOW!


RWG, I hear what you are saying but I’ve seen your pics and all I can remember is what a huge monster of a dick you have! If your thickness is so great that you can’t get a strong “OK” hold with your thumb and index finger, I assume that you determined long ago that manual jelqing and similar exercises didn’t help much. Would you have better success using a jelqing device? In any case, your unique 8.5” x 8” has got to be in a class all by itself, and I’m sure it’s the envy of many here, as it is for me.

Hank (WB9x7)

I’m 6x6 nbp. A longterm girlfriend of mine used to call me “stump”.

Really? I’m just a little over 6nbpel by 6eg and I’ve been called big and even huge by over 10 partners.guess I’ve been lucky and found me partners that never had any bigger than me I guess. Well one of them did have one bigger than me.I was her 14th guy and she said I was big but only one guy before me was bigger.

Sheddin, you didn’t get what I meant. She wasn’t implying that I lacked size. I’ve never had anyone even hint at that. Like you I’ve had girls who said I was monstrous(which I know is spurious). She was referring to its girthiness - like a tree stump which is short but wide. We went out for two years and this was her pet name for me. She’s the one that got away. But that’s another story….

I see


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