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60 years old and....

60 years old and....

Wow…I cant believe I am jelqing 1.4 years !! My gains are minimal….1/2-5/8 inch in length….1/4-3/8 increase in girth. However, I consider the 25 minute routine, 4 days per week…a GREAT WAY TO START THE DAY. Any suggestions from the pros???? By the way, my sex life is as active as a young buck !!!

Sounds like you are pretty satisfied where you are. Are there any areas you want to improve on?

Way to go SSG. I’ll be 60 in a few years & I’ve been at PE for a little longer than you 2 years & I feel the same way. I’m very happy with my gains so far at about 1 inch in length & 3/4 in girth but its more about how my penis reacts with the quantity & quality of my erections hence as you state to being like a young buck. Since being here I have posted many a comment in that regard.

I also look forward to doing my PE routine which more often than not ends with ejaculation & how much better can a day start than that. My wife has noticed for quite some time my increased size & I have too. There a quite a few of us older guys here keeping the rod in shape. Use it or lose it I say. Love the sex with my wife just wish we had more free time. I’ve said before that PE is more about penile exercise than enlargement. That’s about it for now. Good luck in your PE endeavors.


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