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6 38 -gt; 6 78.

6 3/8 -> 6 7/8.

Just about 1/8th of an inch short of solid 7 after about a year of this.

I go at it pretty light.

I mix in some horse and I am pretty sure I’ve thickened too.

This is cool stuff.

I only sporadically post here but you can see some of my old posts if you look way back.

Well congrats on your gains !! Hope you get into the 7” club soon ;) . A 1/2 inch for me and I’ll be in the 7 inch club soon too :)

Congrats on your progress and thanks for checking in.

I read your routine and was impressed with how you target specific areas when you exercise on your 5 on 2 off schedule. Has there been any changes or modifications since the last time you posted your routine?

Oki and I are both 1/2” away from the 7” club. It’ll happen in due time for us, but you’re knocking on the door, bro!

Starting: BPEL 6.125 (15.55 cm) / EG 4.75 (12.07 cm) / NBPFL 2.750 (6.99 cm)

Current: BPEL 7.000 (17.8 cm) / EG 4.75 (12.07 cm) / NBPFL 3.750 (9.52 cm) Goal: BPEL 7.0 / EG 5.0

Call me NSG!!! My Equipment: Phalosan, KR Extender

Three principle exercizes.

1. Put head in a “V” of my index and middle finger and stretch gently for long periods.
2. Focus on the top ligament with my off hand- stretching it and massaging it under pressure.
3. Occasional horse exercises to thicken up.

I don’t really want a lot more than a solid 7. When I’m really turned on, I’m hitting the “magic spot” now.

However, it got a LOT easier to hit her magic spot since I used Donald Hick’s G-Spot book. After a few times of 2-3 hours of that, now she has five distinct areas that she reacts to. Clit, G-Spot, Deep Top, Deep lower left, & Deep lower right. The G-Spot gets a tremendous reaction but swirling my fingers from deep left to deep right is the new thing she likes.

It all started with Hick’s book tho. It is lightning in a bottle and in my case she exactly followed the 10 land marks he mentioned.

I think I’ll stop at 7 1/4 if I can get there and then go for real thickness. My understanding is thick at the base is crazy-making for them.

I got one of those inflatable dildos and she pumps it up to about 1/4” thicker than I am when I give her the pump while she’s in la-la land. That’s very little extra to shoot for.

Congrats on gains. Step up the jelking useing the “V” grip thats what I do when I jelk,jelk squeeze,Uli’s. This seems to make it plumper.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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