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3.75 inch girth


K, Just look up the page to post #11. I do it every day. Slow, slow growth but steady. On a good day I hit 5.1”eg. I focus on making it feel fatigued. Edit. Of course, when I post, it goes on the next page. Look on page one.

Thanks fig…how long did it take you to get those gains?

Originally Posted by figaro
I started at 4.25eg and now I’m 5eg with a goal of 5.5. I know how good it feels to finally reach average.

I found that wet jelqs worked best for me, I never got the hang of dry jelqing. I only do about 10 minutes a day, but I do it intensely. I use Vaseline and alternate slow regular jelqs with girth blasters, basically you clamp the base with one hand and jelq with the other.

I also clamp 2 x 10 minutes each morning. I use the medium clamp, I think that is the one you are referring to, the smallest is too small even for 3.75eg. I had and still have a problem making it fit right. I take two clamps and tape them together with black electrical tape. Two work better than one for me. Then I take window weather stripping and wrap that with tape one the inside of the clamps. I do it tightly and use two strips on each side for a total of eight (four top, four bottom). I have found that more wrap to make it tighter interferes with the clamping and causes me to break the clamp. I have broken many. Putting some cushion on the actual clamp better transfers the pressure directly without distorting the clamp. I also use 3/4 ” grey foam pipe insulation as my wrap, it just pops on and pops off. Although I am considering buying an air clamp.

When I stretched, I always did it after I jelqed because I had a hard time getting as hard after I stretched.
Good luck.

Try the Futuro velcro wrist wrap available at Walgreens. It is very easily cut down to size, and makes a great under-clamp wrap. You can also double wrap with it to increase the pressure of your clamping routine. Do a search here, alot of guys use it. I buy the elbow wrap and cut it up to get two wraps.

Billy Idol,

I would suggest hanging which builds base girth quickly while adding length. Work on remainder of penis girth by clamping later.


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