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2 months and nothing

2 months and nothing

I’ve been at it for 2 months now and I haven’t seen any improvements in length or girth (Last 3 times I measured I was minus half an inch girth somehow.I’m hoping this is due to some serious mis-measurement)

My routine is this:

Monday - 10 minute warm up (rice sock usually) with approx 200 wet jelqs 60 - 70% and then 15 minutes of stretches after a second warm up - simple manual ones and then the last 3 weeks V stretches and inverted V’s
Finish with a warm down - usually a hot shower.

Tuesday - same as above

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - same as Monday

Friday - same as Monday

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Rest

I do a good routine of kegel exercises at least 4 days a week too.

I’ve been persistent with PE - sticking to my routine ever since I started so it’s not like I’m slacking off. I wasn’t expecting to gain even an inch by now, but I thought I’d have noticed at least some gains in length, which is really what I’m after for the time being.

Any suggestions to improve/change my routine or any general tips and info?


The same happened to me. I was persistent, and I was not getting gains for the first two months. After your sessions, you should feel like you got a workout. If there is absolutely no effect on your penis since the day you started, the only thing I can think of is you aren’t using enough force.

On the 3rd month I decided to squeeze tighter, and pull harder and slower. Try doing that for a month.

I got about .5 x .75 gain in the 1st month where I increased my force a little.

Bromman! You been at it for 2 months now. Go for a 5 on and 2 off schedule. Some guys make good gains in the first few months while others dont. That doesnt mean you wont. Stick with the routine. 200 jelqs are good enough. Take atleast 3 seconds to finish a jelq with one hand. While alternating between hands, make sure that you maintain the pressure. Keep it slow and maintain a good grip to see results.

Persistence pays. So does PE. Good luck

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Bromma! Also watch the video on this forum. They will give you a good idea of how to do things. Pm me if you need help

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Cheers for that, I’ll increase pressure a little and see how that goes with a 5 on 2 off routine.


Originally Posted by bromman
Cheers for that, I’ll increase pressure a little and see how that goes with a 5 on 2 off routine.


Well I didnt say increasing the presuure was a good idea. I said that jelqing with two hands alternating stroke after stroke was a good idea. when you stroke with your right hand dont let go of the grip before you have grasped the base of your dick with your left hand. This is to trap the blood within and maintain the pressure. Hope this helps.

Walk slowly but never backwards.


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