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2 fast questions

2 fast questions

Hi everyone,

this is my very first post here but I did a lot of research on pe.
I would like to have some answers to my questions please.

My work out is like this:
5 min hot wrap
30 min jelking with olive oil
5min hot wrap
5 days/week

is this too little to have any real gains? My goal is to focus on width and to gain 1 inch max in length.

My second question is about masturbation, does masturbation after my exercise have any effect good or bad on my results and exercise effectiveness?

Thank you very much for taking your time to read my post and lookin forward to hearing from anyone!

Too long on the time per session jelqing, incorrect weekly schedule (set to overtrain).


*masturbation - there are many points of view on this
*overtraining, schedule, or routine

Welcome to the forums,

Your routine sounds good to me. You may want to start with a little less time and work your way up. Maybe start at 20 minutes and add a couple of minutes every week or so… just a suggestion.

There is no definitive answer as to if masterbation affects your PE Progress. I would think yes, because your body could be focusing on regenerated the sperm count and instead of repairing after your workout, but that can’t be proven.

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Hi guys and thanks for replying so quickly!

I would like to know if you think this workout is good to achieve my goal: Im focusing on width and i want 1 inch max in length.

Hey nachovidal,
They both answered your questions. Please don’t ask the same question again. Also, you need to do more research on PE and answer these questions for yourself. If they answered yes and you did not gain, you would probably blame them, when actually you would be the one at fault for relying on their answers. You appear to have done enough research to slap together a quick routine post, now how about checking out the other information on these forums.

A hint, get in your control panel, little button on the top right hand side, and set your forum view option to “view all”. There are 35 index pages just in the “Main Member Forum” alone, hell maybe more by now. So the information is there, use it. Also, take a little time to learn how to effectively use the search function and you will be amazed at the info that thing digs up for you.

You will find that PE is more than just pulling your dick (sorry Tom) and the guys that get the better gains don’t go at it half assed, they do the studying and learning that needs to be done.

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