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1st week of PE

1st week of PE

Well that’s my first week of the newbie routine completed.

Straight away I’ve noticed that I’m waking with stronger erections that just won’t go away in a hurry. Also feeling bigger flaccid and more aware of it hanging in my pants. Anyone else have similar experience?

It’s an encouraging start.

I have same symptoms, great feeling although having trouble staying on routine being nocturnaly natured I find it hard to do at 3 in the morning.I wish I had more disipline so far I’ve done 2 days on 1 day off 1 day on 2 days off and one day itll come really exited keep it up newbs

It is a good start. Keep doing what you are doing. Oh, and dont measure too frequently.

Good luck.

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Thanks guys.

Trying to avoid the tape measure at this stage.

Someone else is asking this same question I see, but is it better to jelq continuously or stop when your erection level drops too far? I am concentrating on the quality of each jelq and doing them slowly rather than counting how many I do. I use the clock as a guide really.

I started PE one month ago, and I also experienced immediate hard-wood erections. This was really pleasant, I felt like I’ve had unlocked some hidden power.This is a great motivation to carry on the training.

As jelqing aims at expand the penis, I try to keep a good erection level by pumping blood in my penis doing kegel, if necessary. Erotics and porns may be helpful sometimes too.. :D

Yeah it’s a good feeling to get rock hard boners and to hang longer and heavier. I certainly noticed that right away.

I suspect that the improved EQ plays a part in what most people perceive to be their “newbie gains.” Going from 90% to 100% erections will gain you a little something on the measuring tape.

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Same boat over here.

Too bad I didn’t dedicate myself to this a bit earlier!

It gets better, keep it up.

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My Wiggly, Champloo, and Sextensor, guys, on the average, how many workouts did it take before you started to see an increase in erection quality and frequency of erections?



After I think the first week I noticed more frequent erection, morning wood. 2-3 weeks, a size increase. And 4-5months to see more veins.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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