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1st time cable clamp

1st time cable clamp

I tried a cable clamp for the first time. It was not extremely tight.

Soon, my dick started to swell because of the natural erection without doing anything. The veins (i’M very veiny naturally) began to blow up to the size of a pencil. It was frightening.

After only a few minutes with the clamp, I noticed some red dots on my head and liberated my cock.

How come my veins pop up that way? Is it safe?

How come the red dots appeared so fast?

Hi, I’m a total newbie here. I am considering cable clamps later on when I am more conditioned… but not yet. I have been PE’ing for three months and have only just started doing horses, at first I got a few red blotches on the shaft but now I can do quite a few without this occuring.

If you really want to do cable clamps so early on. I would take things slowly, maybe do some light horses first for a while, and slowly build up the pressure and number of reps and length of hold. When you feel ok with the pressure try the clamp again.

Just a thought, I’m sure someone more experienced can shed more light on this.

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The cable clamp is doing exactly what you want. It is filling your penis with blood, but not allowing it to escape. As a result, your penis is swelling up and stretching to it’s limit. This is why you see the veins poking up, they are full of blood. For gains, this is good and exactly what you are looking for. But since your dick is not conditioned yet, you are developing small blood blisters on the head as capillaries burst from the high pressure. No big deal, they will heal up stronger and the blood will be absorbed in short order and the red spots will go away. Over time, the capillaries will get used to the pressure and will no longer burst.

My buddy Melvin is absolutely right with his advice on building you penis up with something like horses first. Even forceful jelqing slowly while 80% erect will help condition your penis for later, more advanced exercises. Think of PE as a ladder. You start at the first rung, then go up to the next, and so on. If you try to take several rungs at a time, you risk falling off. In PE, falling off means a penis injury. So take it easy, build yourself up, and watch your penis carefully to be sure you are not going too far. You did right posting this question Magnum. The questions you ask, and the answers you get will help you get a huge penis the safe way.

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Thank you guys.
How long should I wait before resuming my PE activity?
If I’m not wrong, the red dots are caused by the CS pressure as the glans is attached to the CS and not the CC’s?

You said nothing about these huge veins. Is it acceptable? Couldn’t they blow up?

This has been talked a lot but im asking what are the cable clamps for.
I mean really what they are for, there is not PE shop near by but a place that sells specialized hardware are all over so cable clamps wouldn’t bee that hard to find.

I get those small red dots from horse squeezes, they don’t seem harmful, and they are not painful…unlike the horse squeezes.

Looking to be a kiwi.

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