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1 on (2x), 1 off

1 on (2x), 1 off

I’ve heard a bunch of people recommend PEing one day on, one day off. Has anyone tried this, but specifically exercised twice a day on their on-day (once during the day. once at night)? What do you think the benefits/drawbacks would be?

I do this regularly now but with a twist.
Day 1: Clamp/pump
Day 2: stretch
Day 3: clamp/pump
Day 4: stretch
etc etc etc

For Clamping it’s 1/1, for stretching it’s 1/1.

I normally pump in morning and wear a cock ring during the day while at work then when I get home I clamp for anywhere between 5min to one hour at a time depending on how my penis feels.

Obviously, nobody here is going to recommend my routine for someone just beginning. All I can say is try 1/1 for a month or two and see how you go. If your experiences are good, stick with it, if not, try a different roster.

Just my 2 cents.

Nobody, and I strongly believe NOBODY can give you a definite answer for the perfect routine/roster for PE.

It’s all personal experience.

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