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Whats new in the world of Vasectomies??

Whats new in the world of Vasectomies??

What I want to know is…since I dont plan to have any little minie me’s running around for many years to come (I’m 25 anyway) ….what if I had a vasectomy? I’ve heard mixed stories about them and, I want to know straight facts. In other words if you have NO CLUE what youre talking about , do NOT reply. If I got a vasectomy:

1) Are there any inherent risks?

2) Is it REVERSABLE? If so, is there a timeframe….like it’s less reversable in 10 years vs. 2 years?

3) Does a man who has had a vasectomy still ejaculate but minus the sperm?

And anything else I might be missing here. Thanks to those who answer.

1) There are tales of persisting pain. If I were you I’d search the web and Google’s Usenet archive.

2) Don’t count on it. Better have some sperm frozen if there is a chance you may want kids in the future.

3) Yes.

I agree with hobby, but will add a little.

1. Same inherent risks with any minor surgeries.. infection being most likely. There is the risk of long term discomfort caused by the buildup of sperm that is trapped. I felt discomfort for a month from this it diminished rapidly after that.

2. Yes, the chance of a successful reversal does diminish with time. Overall, reversals are around 50% successful.

3. I don’t think there’s any noticable difference in my ejaculate since I had a vasectomy in January this year. Volume, consistency, and appearance are the same as always. Well, maybe it feels a little less squiggly. :p


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