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What are blue balls really

What are blue balls really

I have noticed a strange connection.

I am taking about 1500 mg of L Arginine a day, and I have noticed that if I go 1 to 2 days without getting off, and I arouse myself for a little bit in front of the computer, that I get blue balls MUCH quicker then I used to. It’s like, I have to cum or they hurt like a mother fucker.

Is this normal for those taking L Arginine?

And what exactly is happening down there when one gets blue balls.

Not only do my testicals hurt to touch, but I often notice the feeling of little squishy “balls” on or near my testicals when I am going through this pain. It’s not like backedup sperm is it?


I am not a doctor so don’t quote me but it is to my understanding that’s its a condition you get when you have several orgasms to a point where you are getting off but nothing is coming out because you are drained. It’s not a condition you get from being backed up. ;)

Now two things that I do know of because I have experienced one and have a friend that had the problem with the other. When I was younger (like 17-21) I had a cist on my epididymis that would cause me the pain in my nuts when I went for a few days without getting off. The doctor explained it to me saying that since the cist was on my sperm sac the pressure would cause it to hurt and relieving the pressure made it feel better. The cist can be removed and it is a lot more common than most males realize, but if it is not causing you serious trouble don’t worry about it because it will likely disappear. (If you have one)

The other my friend had an infection that caused the pain. They put him on antibiotics and it help clear his problem up.

I’ve never gotten it ever.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

It feels like it’s near my PC muscle

Q: What are blue balls really?

A: What happens to you when you go “commando” in your brand new Levi’s on a rainy day.


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