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Well, I'm fucked

I think it is in your head, try learning the multiorgasm technique, and meditate men.. think about sex about entering pussy, ask your current GF to help you with this and let you fuck her as slowly as possible until you figure out what is what. Do not be ashamed please.

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Oral sex. Lots and lots of oral sex.

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Well, try thinking about this:

Originally Posted by raybbaby
Well, try thinking about this:

lol, nice.

There is, or was, a delaying cream called “Click”. Used a long time ago. Ask your pharm.

Also Look up 8x8s thread on method of masterbating and then recovering immediately for long sex. It works!

Try breathing with your nose and not your mouth.

Stop thrusting before you even get to the point of no return, and then mix it up until you get back to manageable levels of excitement.

Also don’t worry… easier said than done.

Hey, don’t know if this is solved, but anyway here goes:

There is a type of antihypertensive drug that is the “alpha adrenergic blocker”, and it has delayed ejaculation as a side effect.

You could go to a doctor, a cardiologist or maybe an endocrinologist and tell your story and ask for one. It can be used in premature ejaculation but it will lower your blood pressure so you might also have some other things like orthostatic hypotension.

I have had orthostatic hypothension but because I have low pressure kinda, and when I was going to take a piss a few times in the middle of the night I felt chest aches and almost fainted, but no big deal. You would just have to sit for a little bit and make some movements instead of jumping out of bed or from lying down position to standing.

This link poped up as I was looking for the name of it in english - http ://emedicine (dot) medscape (dot) com/article/435884-treatment.

In this link they talk about desensitisers and I wouldn’t try that at all, because it might permanently fuck your sensibility, who knows.

Other than that try kegeling for real and in a few weeks you can contract the muscle and keep cum before ejaculating and it might still keep your ejaculation.

Good luck dude!

Edit: antidepressants will lower the libido, while alpha blockers will specifically delay your ejaculation, not lowering the libido at all.

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You could always try Viagra, good insurance.

I agree with wadafac, I think you should communicate this with your GF. Sex is symbiosis mutual-ism activity. If she loves you, she’ll help you.

Do as previous members say. Masturbate, or do edging and just mass kegels. Do then throughout the day. If you have Iphone/Adroid there is an app that counts kegels and time. I find it really useful while I do my kegels in the classrooms. Also read this great thread written by guru5311:

How I cured my SEVERE premature ejaculation!

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Damn… this is the second time today I’m bumping an old thread with drug information. People are going to think I’m a druggie or a pusher. I’m neither…

Anyway, in response to the original poster’s question, the drug he is looking for is called Citalopram. Here’s some information on it:

It’s often prescribed to prevent premature ejaculation. A few years ago I had a condition which my doctor thought was panic attacks. It wasn’t, it turned out to be an adrenal tumor, but when the doc thought it was panic attacks he prescribed Citalopram. Not only did the Citalopram prevent premature ejaculation, it actually made it difficult to have an orgasm. I could hammer away for as long as my wife could tolerate it and still not come. I had to put EFFORT into coming.

Now to expand on that, about a year ago my wife and I started swinging. I’m in my 40’s and I’ve been with the same woman for 10 years. Premature ejaculation was not an issue for me when it was just my wife and I together. But throw a second woman into the mix and suddenly I’m like Paul Revere reincarnated (a minuteman). I still had half a bottle of Citalopram in a drawer, so a few hours before our third threesome I took one and bingo! I was suddenly a jackhammer! The effect was amazing. And like before, it actually made it difficult to have an orgasm. Oh yeah… it makes the orgasms INCREDIBLE. They last much longer. I actually started breaking my 20mg pills in half because a whole pill just made it too hard to come. I’m an old fart and my heart can’t take that much strenuous exercise.

By the way… Citalopram is an SSRI anti-depressant, but for the anti-PE effect it does not have to build up in your system like some anti-depressants. A single dose a few hours before sex will produce the desired effect, then you don’t need to take another until the next day you expect to have sex.

DISCLAIMER: Before anyone starts griping at me for pushing drugs on people, only take Citalopram if you have an actual medical condition that requires it. In other words, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, THAT’S A MEDICAL CONDITION! It’s affecting your love life and it’s affecting your lover’s satisfaction. Do some research. If you think the drug might be helpful for you, tell your doctor and ask him about Citalopram.

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I had this same problem years ago. Every time I knew I was going to have sex I would rub one out first. Trust me man. Unless you just have the most sensitive dick on ear, I would do that and last for 3 or 4 hours. I dont have the problem anymore though dont really know why either…

Until you resolve the issue, you can start with tons of foreplay. If she is multi orgasmic, bring her to a few orgasms before you start fucking, and make sure you get her to the edge and keep her there for a but before you do. Then when you start fucking you won’t be worried about cumming too quick. If you do, she will be ready for you to, so it’s not premature. And it’s likely that this lack of pressure to perform is all you’ll need to be able to last a bit longer.

I can second the SSRI effect. Anti PE meds work amazingly for me.

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Had this problem when I was younger. Here’s a quick process, that’ll take a couple weeks, at most.

1) Run at least 10-20 minutes each morning after you wake up. Any long distance runners will tell you that they’re a little slower with the “starting gun” on training days.

2) I wouldn’t worry about tobacco. Cut out caffeine. If you’re a regular caffeine drinker, that will greatly increase your propensity to pop. The first week of quitting caffeine is hell, but you will be amazed at all of the positive effects not drinking it will have on you.

3) Find your favorite porn, put it on the TV, find somewhere to relax, lube up with some vegetable oil, or anything that’ll last a while, then just keep edging until you feel it in your neck and let it blast. Each day, try to last 5 minutes longer. Some days you’ll make it, some days you’ll mess up. I guarantee if you do all of the above, by the end of week two, you’ll be lasting at least 20.

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I absolutely do support Sit On Fish’s advice.

Why go the easy but risky way of psycho drugs with all their interactions, dependency potential and even costs when you can achieve all the same with a little footing, less coffee and the pleasure of strategic edging?

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