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Varicocele Surgery and Split Stream Surgery?

Varicocele Surgery and Split Stream Surgery?

I had a penis injury back in early 2005. You can read my thread in the injury forum. As a result of it, i have E.D, varicocele grade 3, split stream in urine 100 percent of the time, no more morning wood ever. I’m 23 now. This occurred when i was 18-19 the injury. I have been to many urologists here in NYC and none of them care about my split stream or varicocele. I know you can get surgery for varicocele but doctors tell me i don’t need it even though i have grade 3. Also, i have high prolactin and low testesterone for my age as well.

What can i do if the urologists i see don’t want to do surgery for me? I live in NYC. Does anyone know of any urologists/surgeons that would care and do it?

There is a surgeon at Cornell who is great at varicocele surgery. You should definitely get the surgery; the varicocele will be the cause of your low testosterone.

Alternatively you could have the varicocele embolized.

Do you know the name of the surgeon? Also how much would surgery cost since my insurance would not cover that doctor. I live in NYC and have healthfirst insurance.

His name is Dr. Marc Goldstein. Here is the relevant site:
I couldn’t tell you anything about the cost since I live in the UK.

Know that having a varicocele embolization can yield great benifits also. I would say if you are to get the surgery, get it from a great surgeon like Dr. Goldstein. If not, then don’t risk going under the knife of a lesser surgeon- the results could be bad; have an embolization done instead.


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