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Took a break from PE-still bleeding

Took a break from PE-still bleeding

About 6 weeks ago, I took a break from PE because I started to bleed. This wasn’t unusual, as I had bled about 3 times before and I usually took a week off to heal. This time however, I just never got back into the swing of PE because of swim team, school, work, etc. About two days ago I was masturbating, no harder than usual while looking at porn so i wasn’t concentrating on my dick just min and I felt something wet on my hand and there was a substantial amount of blood coming from my dick. I stopped immediately, cleaned up and the bleeding stopped. I never bled before PE, and ever since the first time I bled, I got this little red mark on the underside of my dick behind the head. I feel like the blood is coming from the spot but im not sure. My question is-how can I get this to heal? Its obviously not a question of time off so is this something im always gonna live with? Does anyone else here get this? I would like to start PE again but, Id rather avoid permanent injury. I also have been tested and know it is not from an STD/disease.

Sounds like you just need to heal for a long time. What caused it?

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I will assume that you have already scheduled an appointment with your doctor regarding this. If you haven’t, you should do so first thing in the morning.

This is not normal, nor is it a good sign. Taking time off from PE is the second step you should take. Don’t aggravate the situation anymore than it already is. (Oh and by the way, the first step is that doctors’ appointment I mentioned). You did state that you know it isn’t an STD, which is a good thing, but you don’t mention whether or not you are diabetic.

What college swim team are you on?

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You are bleeding but you don’t know where exactly? How can this be? And how do you know it’s not a STD?

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My bet is your skin gets dry and then masturbation and/or PE can cause your skin to tear. It can take about a week to heal and after that it might still stay vulnerable. Use bodylotion or vit-E cream to prevent it from drying out again.

Thanks for the replies guys, I know I this is something like only my third post here, but all the other questions I had were answered elsewhere on the site. It really reassuring to know your all here when I need it. I know my original post was a little unclear, I just had a lot of thoughts running through my head.

electron- The bleeding started initially from PE. I have bled 3 times from PE and 2 times because of jacking off. I took at least a week break every time I bled and each time I bled it was doing anything out of the ordinary.

sunshine- I dont swim for my college team (BC), I help coach at one of the YMCAs in Boston and no, I am not a diabetic. I have an appointment at the doctor’s tomorrow although its to get one of those flu mists. Im not really sure how to bring up the fact that im bleeding though.

deadeye- Im bleeding from my urethra. My gut tells me the source is the reddish spot at the back of my head. It seems darker whenever I masturbate. I know I do not have an STD because I have been tested recently and have never had unprotected sex.

Piet- Im thinking too that whatever caused the bleeding has never been given a full chance to heal and whenever I use my dick the problem tears just a little bit. Im not suffering from dry skin though, as the blood comes out the urethra.

A lot of guys here have bled from their urethra when doing excessive pressure-type excercises during PE, myself included. I believe there’s a spot there in the urethra with thinner tissue, so it bleeds easily. Sounds like yours includes a bruise. The combination of the two is taking longer to heal out than usual. I would lay off any masturbating and maybe get some Zinc and a B-Complex vitamins at your local Walmart to aid in healing. One other thing you could do is dunk your penis in medium-hot water for 10 minutes twice a day. If you have a herbal store nearby, you could get some lavender (looks like blue seeds) and make a tea which also aids in healing. You can even get a warm chamomile tea bag and use it as a compress a few times a day. Hope that helps. Good luck with that.

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Goodluck Backerst,

I’d mention it to the Doctor if I were you. You don’t have to go into to details about PE I wouldn’t think.

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