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The Refractory Period.


I agree with these last few posts, kegeling should definitely help when it comes to conditioning the muscle required for a strong erection, which in turn should help performance length or number of full sex repetitions.

Also, I don’t see any reason why you would have to sacrifice other gym time. You can have the gym and sex, as long as you can devote enough energy to both!

Link to my PE Stats.

Goal: 9 X 6.5

And devoting can be a problem :D I’m not a power-plant :D :D :D

By the way, after ejaculation no matter how much i concentrate on kegeling and how long i hold the squeeze, i just have to wait some time. Kegeling doesn’t seem to help me in recovering…

Cabergoline is a drug that is supposed to shorten refractory period.

Viagra of course will help too.

Horny Bastard

Matt I didn’t mean kegeling after ejaculation to regain your erection. Rather I meant kegel at a different time, aside from masturbation or sex, just as a strengthening exercise. Your results will follow slowly but surely.

And you are right, no matter how hard you will try, you may just have to wait a certain amount of time before you can excite yourself again. Try reading that link I posted earlier in the thread that talks about the refractory period from a scientific perspective. I believe it was a wikipedia citing, but still seems valid as I have read that information elsewhere.

Link to my PE Stats.

Goal: 9 X 6.5

I think the only ‘natural’ way to shorten refractory periods is to practice when masturbating. Try to work out what fantasies etc. get you erect fastest. The mind is the most powerful sex organ. :D


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