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The 'other' oral pleasure...


I think if you are brave enough to do it and enjoy giving it to your lady and her puckered hole begins to respond you should certain fill it up for her with hot rod.


I agree, although doing something like that may very well elicit some negative response. Perhpas a kick to the nuts? That’s when it’s time to call a timeout.

"Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose."

Benjamin Disraeli

This is an interesting topic. I too have actually done it several times and had it done to me on a few occassions. As everyone here agrees, it has to be clean. I guess it is the fact that it is known or taught to be taboo that makes it so GREAT!! Every woman I have been with has liked it, or at least they didn’t complain. I personally prefer eating the pussy but, sometimes there is that craving, that wanting to be naughty. And, if you check out the sexual astrology on a Sagitarrius, anal is one of the things they are known for. So I guess I have been cursed, lol. Just my thoughts on the subject at hand. Later——————————-dreed

Well, speaking of sagitarius and me being born on the cusp of scorpio and sag, I believe I got that sag trait because I am infatuated with a womans ass(even more then boobs) Also you should note that for a guy, carressing the outter part of the anus while orgasm’in enhances the sensation, that has been my experiance, don’t know if it’s the same for girls or not

Asses turns me on SO freakin much, and analingus is probably the thing that turns me on the most. Besides playing her with toys… :)
And it doesn’t taste bad at all. Then i don’t know how shit taste, but i’ve never felt any wierd tastes. And i did my fare share of ass licking. Even when she haven’t had a shower. even drunk.
The asshole do a good job cleaning itself most of the time. And if the girl is as hygienic as mine (washing herself off after an Nr. 2 toilet visit”, it’s no problem at all.
She is not as turned on by it as i am… but… She occasionally have her periods when anal activities turns her on… :)

So, the only taste you should taste is sweat. If she has good hygiene. which i hope.

Good luck :)


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