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The Hardness Factor

Looks interesting:)

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What do others thing about this book?

I have read the book, (checked it out from the library) and it is helpfull read. The author states that penis health reflects cardiovascular health and vice versa. The book has helpful information on supplements, diet and cardio exercises.

I will read anything, but especially if it can help me improve something, so I would say yes anyway.

Well I was going to start a thread but on this book but I guess there already is one, albeit a very short one (there is a second one on the supplements in the book). I just finished Chapter 2 and am a bit disappointed. I did the risk analysis quiz and tallied up my score and got the best score possible (I got a score of +1). So supposedly, “You aer in good hearth health and your hardness is exceptional.” Bwahahaha, if that was the case I wouldn’t have bought the darn book! I know I need better cardio fitness so that’s one matter, but I’m thinking this is again about my psychological issues about my dick rather than physical ones. I’m going to keep up with the book and the suggestions in it, but does anyone else have experience with this?

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