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The Bonerometer

The Bonerometer

Hey all, this is my first post.

I’ve had this idea bouncing around my head the last week. I want to build a device that can measure erections. Incidentally I think this device has already been created and is used by doctors for diagnosing ED during sleep. However I couldn’t find any information about what device they use when doing a google search, so I want to build my own :) .

Basically I think I can use a strain gauge in a wheatstone bridge attached around your wiener with some elastic. I think I can use one of two methods for recording the data: either input the signal into the audio Mic port on my computer, or plug the signal into a cassette recorder set to lowest speed possible (thus increasing the record time to 8 hours). Instead of the strain gauge I could also use a prefabbed miniature force transducer (your wiener will press against the sensor harder when you have an erection). Does any of this make sense?

I know the idea is a little crazy but I think it would be cool to create. Also I hope it has some merit as a method to quantify horniness. My basic theory being that the hornier you are, the more nocturnal boners you’ll have. So when I start experimenting with different supplements to increase libido in the near future I’ll have a quantified way to measure their effectiveness. I also just like data. Data Rules!!

I know this is a PE forum, and I WILL be posting in the PE forums soon as that is my main objective in being here (does this stuff actually work?!?!). But I also have a number of other interests in other mens sexual issues such as libido, ejaculate volume and distance, stamina, etc. I hope I hope I can contribute a lot in PE and other areas.


Welcome to Thunders!

I can’t really help you with your quest on the device to measure erections, although I would figure something like that exists.

There is much written here about the effectiveness of PE, I would suggest you search the archives to find what has already been discussed. I can assure you that it does indeed work, even tho I don’t own a penis per se.

I would caution you, as I’m sure others will as well, don’t put a rubber band or other elastic type devices on your penis. That will cut off circulation, which is a BAD thing.

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Hi skepticaldreamr,

Sounds like an interesting, but complicated, project. I did a quick web search and found a device called the RigiScan. You might want to do some more searching on that for some design ideas.

Good luck. :)

hey sunshine, thanks for the info. I’m not majorly skeptical, just a little ;) .
Wow, female members, thats sexy!

Thanks for the info about the rigiscan hobby. I’ll look into it more and maybe do some better web searches ;) .

Oh and i’m not sure if i want to keep my screen name. It DOES kindof describe me, although I don’t think I’m SOOOO skeptical that it should be part of my name. I AM majorly dreaming of having a HUGE MOSTER unit though. Been thinking about changing my id to Tube.

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