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Surgery questions


Surgery questions

How much is enlargement surgery? For width

How much is penoscrotal surgery or pubic-lift surgery?
I have a lot of excess skin from PE, lots of loose skin, no defined skin area where my penis eets my body. Just lots of skin/loose skin.
Trying to tighten that up

Any info out there?

I have heard so many horror stories and seen some scary looking pics from surgeries. remember, this is the only dick you will ever have. How much of a gambler are you? Try enlarging your member without stretching the skin (Manual PE of course) and let it grow more into the skin. Its your dick, its your life, but after what I have seen I would never have surgery. Just my opinion.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


The skin is already stretched.

I am more so curious about fixing the skin around my unit—- is that so dangerous?

Oh. Well, I think it is pretty much like being operated for phimosis. Not that much dangerous. If you can have a diagnosis for phimosis maybe it could even be payed by your insurance - not sure though, check with your doctor.

So anyone know the price for some— skin tightening around the unit

Poster, look up Gary Alter, MD. He’s in Beverly Hills, CA. He does the surgery you’re looking for. He is a blue chip surgeon. You will not be in better hands.

Call his office and ask about cost. They will tell you how much.

Anybody know of dr. Karen boyle in baltimore for such a surgery?

And the cost?

I don’t. Never heard of her.

Its unlikely anyone here knows the price of anything. You have to call the surgeon’s practice directly and talk to them.

The surgery you are looking for was showcased on the cable show Dr. 90210. Gary Alter was the surgeon.

Dr. Karen Boyle specializes in cosmetic genital surgery. A quick look at her site and she does the procedures you are interested in. No idea on prices.

Regarding slack skin; foreskin restorers often ask if they can have a tip-tightening surgery when they’re done tugging. Almost nobody winds up needing anything like that.

The thing to note is that once tuggers stop tugging, there is some latent “stretch” in their skin that is not actual growth of skin. It can take up to 6 months for the stretch to subside and give the tugger an idea of how much actual growth of skin will endure.

So I would caution against commiting to any surgery within 6 months ceasing the activity that caused the increased slack.


Dr. Karen Boyle is such a hottie. Wow.

So tlc tugger,

What do you suggest then?
Do you have products/solutions to get my skin back to normal?——I’ve had looser skin in general now for years due to PE. I want it tightened back up

Originally Posted by the tiger
So tlc tugger,

What do you suggest then?
Do you have products/solutions to get my skin back to normal?——I’ve had looser skin in general now for years due to PE. I want it tightened back up

If you want to reduce the longways mobility of the shaft skin; no I have nothing to offer.

To minimimize the girth-wise slack at the rolled-over end of the skin tube, I can suggest that you wear that skin pulled over the glans and puckered closed every minute, using an o-ring, tape ring, or the cone I sell. Our skin is constantly regenerating and replacing cells, and keeping the skin constrained in the desired shape can harness that natural process and let the newly formed cells fall into a pattern that conforms to the constraint (just as in the unfortunate Chinese women a century ago whose feet were bound to kee them “dainty”).


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