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Stress and psyche influence on EQ

Stress and psyche influence on EQ

I’m in a pretty bad relationship that I’m working on getting out of right now. And recently I’ve been needing Viagra or Cialis to improve my EQ and rarely get morning wood, which I thought was just due to becoming a 40yo…. just like the recent bifocal prescription, lol. Anyway, one of my oldest girlfriends (yes just friends) just moved here to the east coast and I went to stay on her couch for a few days. Wouldn’t you know it I woke up every morning standing nice and solid 4 days in a row… too bad for her I’m gay, lol. Anyway, never dismiss your current environment as a factor in your sexual health.


Stress, especially.

Doesn’t the V or Cialis give you morning wood the day after you’ve taken it?



Good words brother ;)

I completely agree with you.

Thanks guys. I know I still have a long road ahead of me before I can get back out on my own, but better sexual health is just that much more motivation and reason to get out. I’m not sure I want to be a single gay man at 40, but that’s what it will take to get my mental health more stable. Aveocet8 I wake a little fluffy the day after a pill, but nothing like what I had on vacation. It was like my cock regressed back o my twenties. And I had no one to share it with.


Well I’m not gay - and I can testify that your environment, or if you know for a fact that your woman is being a bitch will effect your erections and strength thereof of your erections.

I’m in a similar boat, where my bitch bad talked me upon entrace for the effect. Badtalked me in our life, to feel bigger about herself, and my dick strength suffers. I already know that the solution is a new female, my dick might even be bigger than I realize with the right female and the right environment.

Just so you know, it matters.

Very true. For me, getting those eight hours of sleep and really cutting down on drinking makes a huge difference.

I sleep plenty and rarely drink. He’s leaving town for a few days Sunday so we’ll see what happens then.


Anxiety is an erection killer. It pumps adrenaline through you body and of course to your cock. When men have a paraprism they shoot adrenaline into the cock to make the erection subside.


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