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STD Risk chart

STD Risk chart…cs/stdchart.asp

Considering having oral sex on a sex worker. Would this be a really bad idea? Anyone here do that? From this chart it seems to be very rare that STDs are transmitted when licking pussy, although much more common the other way. On the other hand, most sites say it is risky to perform oral sex, although not specificially mentioning licking pussy. Would like replies from people that knows. Thanks :)

Wow…look at all the things a man can get from receiving oral sex.

That was a good chart.

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But I thought you could get any disease when giving oral sex that the other person already had? What’s the point of dental dams then? Just Herpes?

None really knows any hard facts about it?

But I don’t really believe this chart because for one they are only going for cases that already happened. Its not like they got a person with a STD and had a clean person perform sexual acts. I don’t see how they can put percentages on stuff like this.

Yeah I wonder how they put that all together, maybe just putting a bunch of cases together?

If your seriously worried about getting some STD’s by giving oral to a girl, you could always use a device called a dental dam. When in doubt, don’t do it.

I dont believe the chart. It doesnt seem likely that you can get all those deseases from men and not women though oral. Syph sores and herpes cant go through contact.

Also if there are microscopic sores in your mouth then you will get a disease. I think WHATEVER you do sexually without protection will give you almost any disease the person may have.


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