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She just told me she has herpes...


She just told me she has herpes...

Well I’m talking to my GF and she tells me that she injected ether on her herpes, I was like “what?!” and she “yeah, unfortunately I got it” then I asked if she knew how she got it, she said “I got it here in my house, my mom has it and my sister too”. She said It’s the 3rd time they come out.
Then it put me to think. I don’t know very much about herpes. I know that something like 50% of people has the virus but I don’t think I do, at least they never came out on me. So I think up to now I’m safe.
But now I have some doubts… I googled and read a bit but still confused. If she has herpes then she has on mouth and genital too? Or not necessairly? What are my chances of contracting it kissing her (without any sight of it in her mouth obviously).
It just made me think, because this girl might be the one I will be for a long time. We always did it without a condom by the way.

I’m confused.

She tells you *after* sex? Not good.

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I got oral herpes when I was 3 years old by sharing a drink with a cousin who had it, I had a huge outbreak but now it is almost non-existant. I was worried about spreading it at first, but even at 26 years old and all the relationships I’ve been in, I haven’t seen any effects on the girls I’ve dated. I was once told that you have to be able to carry the virus in order to contract it, something to do with genetics. Also there is a big difference between oral and genital herpes. Oral herpes is basically cold sores.

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Yes, it is HerpeX simpleX (damn latim).

So, basically no fun at all when the little fuckers come out.

Dude the fact that she told you after unprotected sex means you should dump her just for being a lying bitch

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Agree with Dino. Find somebody that is clean and healthy and stays that way. Else, dump colloidal silver down her throat until she is cured.

Dump the bitch and get yourself tested


Why on earth would you ever have sex without a condom? You obviously do not know enough about this woman to be doing so.

I think she did not tell me because she only got 2 outbreaks in her entire life, now she’s having another. Maybe she denied this fact for some time, but now she can’t hide it.

She got tested for STD’s and she’s clean.

And yes, I shouldn’t be doing without a condom before I got to know her better. I suck. Now I know her better.

Yes, you can get herpes from her whether she has it on her mouth or on her pussy. It can spread from someone’s mouth to your dick. And yes, you should never have sex with her without a condom. NEVER

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i probably caught one case of herpes orally by kissing but I think its harmless because ive never had an outbreak since.

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90% of people have herpes of some form its just a difference between minor and major ones that are important.

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I am NOT so sure herpes should not end a relationship. Imagine if you had herpes, are you going to stop having sex? Or give up hope of finding a companion? Are you going to tell everyone before you even started dating that you had it? Is it fair especially if one did not get it from unprotected sex. Someone on this thread already admitted to having sex knowing they had it. She did tell you eventually, better than not at all. Did she even have to tell you? If you got it, she could have just said you spread it to her.

If all you are after is the sex, then sure don’t see her again. Things are complicated if you actually care about her.

With such a high case of people contracting herpes, are all these people only finding marriage with those who already have the infection? Possibly.

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I was married for 17 years to a women with herpes and I never contracted it. You can’t have sex when there is an outbreak and I would ask her to tell you if she feels them coming. I think lip and vaginal herpes can be transferred to either area.

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