Hey wannabelarge99, don’t feel too angry though. If you’ve read an anti-circ site and become angry then you must realise that there are a number of lies about circumcision on those sites. But yes there is also a lot of fact, you need to not take everything they say with a pinch of salt. They hope that you do of course, just to make you feel angry about being circumcised and never to do iot to your kids.

Its all in the name of a noble cause, but I think the way they go about it is completely wrong! E.G. They say things like women prefer sex with uncut guys, but I’ve heard differently in the UK (from gossip & personal experience), so that shows that women prefer what’s a little bit different, so if a woman is used to a cut guy, and then has an uncut guy she’ll feel it as something new and interesting and, with people not being in touch with their feelings properly anymore, she won’t be able to separate the “interest” from the “prefers”. Besides, I’ve also read sites saying there’s no difference in feeling for the women.

I’ve said this in another thread just recently - don’t believe everything you read at those sites. There’s some truth to them, but also a lot of lies or exaggerations to purposefully make you feel bad about it, just because thats how they feel and they think thats the only way any action will come against circumcision. As I said, noble cause but not so noble people (most of the time, anyway :D ).

So don’t get too angry about it. :)

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