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Im thinking of having some loose skin and my frenelum removed. For appearance and comfort. Does anybody have an idea of what the cost would be?



Remember…your frenulum has a huge number of neurons designed to give you pleasure. Are you willing to trade all that pleasure for appearance? My suggestion is…protect and cherish that frenulum.

The financial cost?
No idea.

The personal cost?

Having someone cut more off? By choice?

Way too high.

But please do let us know how it goes.

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Went to the urologist today. He said…. Well, who ever did your circumcision did it perfect. The loose skin you have is how it is supposed to be done. That is a perfect job you do not need skin removed. So im re analyzing my ideas hear.

Need 1/2 inch,

Highly recommend leaving it alone. You may want to see some posts at foreskin restoration dot net or sex as nature intend it as well.

Keep any dick skin you can.

Happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Appreciate your input 4F. I do realize that the more skin you have the more pleasure you have. Im just gonna leave it alone for a few month and see what i think about it down the road.

I agree that the cost is no worth the pain that you will endure. Leave it alone and enjoy it as it is now.

Grow into the skin.

Originally Posted by djrobins
Grow into the skin.

What I was thinking.If you knew about PE then why would you want to remove extra skin.

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