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Quitting smoke and or caffeine and erection quality


Wow, I was in the hospital for a week recently and not allowed coffee, but I didn’t notice a difference.

Very horny when I got the wife home though.

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This article explains a lot about caffeine, of course it’s not PE related, but about health and wellness.…s-to-your-brain

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Quitting Smoke is better to improve erection during sexual activity. And caffeine also affect on your erection hence avoid caffeine.

Nicotine is a big player on flaccid size as well!

Nicotine has a very short half-life in the bloodstream, something on the order of 30-45 minutes, if I recall. That’s why so many smokers are right around that pack-a-day level, dosing up just as the nicotine is losing its effect. Since it’s a short-lived vasoconstrictor, quitting smoking should result in more or less immediate improvements in EQ, flaccid hang, and should benefit (or rather, stop impeding) PE gains.

That’s all theory. And I keep reminding myself of those facts as I continue the struggle to quit the damned coffin nails.

I saw a huge change when I quit years ago.

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